SpiderBabe (2003)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 53%
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Connections: Marvel: Spider-Man

A socially awkward young woman gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a crime-fighting superhero and tries to defeat a nefarious super villain while going after any man (or woman) she wants to bed down with. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: February 26, 2005
Patricia Porker (the ever-so-hot Misty Mundae) is your typical science geek at her local college. Her roommate Lisa Knox (Darian Caine) tries to get her to get out more and meet some guys, but Patricia insists on staying glued to her books and attending various lectures. One such lecture that she attends is being given by Dr. Dowell (Michael R. Thomas), a scientist working for Lisa's sister Lucinda (Julian Wells). Lucinda runs the Knox Corporation, a company that is researching genetic alterations in spiders in order to cure all of mankind's diseases, among other things. After one of the school bullies starts teasing Patricia about being such a prude when it comes to men, she walks out of the room and starts to leave the building... when one of the genetically altered spiders falls onto her shoulder and bites her. It doesn't take too much time to realize that the spiders powers have now been transferred over to Patricia, as she returns home, starts to masturbate to a picture of her love interest Mark Jeremy ("M.J.") Wetson (Adam Cox) and shoots webbing out from between her legs upon her climax. After receiving some life lessons from her Uncle Flem (Peter Quarry) and Aunt Maybe (Bubbles VaVoom), Patricia vows to use her powers for the forces of good... and maybe to get laid a bit.

In case you're one of the three people on the planet who hasn't seen Spider-Man, SpiderBabe is a parody of that film. While I wasn't expecting a whole lot upon renting this film, it turned out to be quite the entertaining movie. The parody side of things is handled perfectly; all of the classic scenes from Spider-Man are parodied here, and most come off as beyond hilarious. Each of the characters presented in the source material shows up in some way or another, but with each having an "updated" personality to fit into the scheme of things presented here... Aunt Maybe is now a dominatrix with Uncle Flem playing her gimp, just as an example. If you're a fan of crude sexual humor, and / or a fan of the original Spider-Man film, you'd almost certainly enjoy watching this parody of it. It also doesn't hurt that there's a fair deal of nudity and softcore sex scenes, given the fact that one of the side-effects of the spider-bite is a "heightened urge to procreate", as Dr. Dowell put it... this puts our heroine in a position to where she's always wanting to screw the men (and women) that she saves from the villains. Comedy that actually turns out to be comedic gold, wrapped up in a parody of a great film, splashed with a hearty helping of nudity from incredibly hot ladies... how could you go wrong with that combination?

The acting here was another thing that surprised me. Here we have a low-budget parody wrapped up in a softcore porn package... and the acting is solid throughout? It's certainly a rare feat, but that's how things worked out here. I've seen a few of Misty Mundae's other films, and while they were certainly nothing to brag about from an acting point of view, she really turned it up a notch in this offering. Her sense of timing and her line-delivery are perfect here, the lines that she's given are excellent as well, and did I mention that she's smoking hot and likes to get naked? Once again, I ask you... how can you go wrong with that package? Bubbles VaVoom (Aunt Maybe) is the other star of the show when it comes to talent... every scene that she's involved in is pure gold, and she manages to upstage the star of the movie in more than one scene. It's a shame that she didn't get more time than she did, but it's understandable from a storyline perspective as to why this was the case. The rest of the cast presented here are slightly below the caliber of these two ladies, but are by no means bad; it's just that in comparison, none of them come close to the greatness presented by the two stars of the show.

Did you enjoy Spider-Man? Do you like parody films in the style of The Naked Gun or Loaded Weapon? Want to see a great comedy and a whole lot of T&A? This is the movie for you. Put it in your Netflix queue or pick it up at Blockbuster on your next trip, and thank me for the suggestion later. 9/10.
Ginose #1: Ginose - added September 12, 2005 at 9:15pm
My freind M.C. Skatkat caught this when she tuned into some early morning soft-core porn on digital cable... anyway, she said she liked it alot and it just so happened our freind Samantha had a copy on DVD... well, anyway, it was funny and erotic... I M.C. even wrote it a theme song, you can find the lyrics on my website...
Andy van Heel #2: Andy van Heel - added May 26, 2012 at 2:00pm
One of the worst movies I saw in years. Did not even finish this one till the end. The acting was bad (misty's performance was not really bad, but still...), the 'special effects' were non existent. I mean, even the erotic scenes where annoying and boring as hell. Or you have sex, or you don't, there is no in between.
Bad bad bad movie. NOt even funny to watch drunk. I will never watch another Misty Mundae movie in my life.
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