The Seduction Of Misty Mundae (2004)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 56%
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Misty Mundae stars as "Misty," an innocent teenage girl who undergoes her sexual coming of age at the hands of her older, wiser Aunt Inga. This plot, such as it is, provides Misty with opportunities galore to shed her innocence through voyeurism, tentative sexual experimentation, and finally a full-blown lesbian love scene with her aunt. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: September 28, 2005
After her mother comes down with an illness of some sort, Misty (Misty Mundae) goes to live with her Aunt Inga (Julian Wells) for a while. Misty is a shy, naive eighteen-year-old who is quite inexperienced in the world of sex, so when she finds out that Inga is fond of both loud masturbation sessions and sex with the ladies of the town, she quickly starts to get interested in what she's been missing out on. Misty soon meets her neighbor Billy (Mario Duchi), and she ends up losing her virginity to this guy. However, this isn't enough for her... she wants to try out even more new experiences, and when she spies on Inga having sex with another woman, she decides that she wants to try that as well. The only problem is that Misty doesn't know any of the ladies in this town... with the obvious exception of her own Aunt. Things get mighty interesting near the end, and I'll leave the summary at that.

Most of the softcore / erotica films that I've watched have suffered from one of two problems: they either forget what genre they're in and quickly become quite boring due to the lackluster storyline and a lack of the "erotica" part of the genre, or they decide to do the opposite and show nothing but sex-scenes for the running time of the film. While I have no problems with pornography in general, I do expect the actual movies that I watch to have a bit of storyline going on for it, and therefore, the above types of erotica films really do nothing for me. The Seduction Of Misty Mundae, however, gets that mixture of erotica and storyline just right.

Taking inspiration from the work of legendary erotica film-maker Joseph Sarno (the Inga character was a nice nod), director Michael Raso mixes a storyline that is well above what one would expect from this type of movie with some extremely erotic scenes featuring some very hot ladies. These scenes are not done in a pornographic way, but instead, Raso aims for a tasteful, sexy approach to things. Thanks to his vision and the talents of leading ladies Misty Mundae and Julian Wells, the movie succeeds on these grounds.

Misty, as readers of the other Seduction Cinema reviews on this site may know, is one of my personal favorite actresses. That doesn't mean that I turn a blind eye to her faults, and I have no problems pointing out any flaws in her performances. However, I really can't say anything bad about her performance here. She turns in a highly realistic and very convincing acting job for the movie, and even with that aside, I can't think of an actress who could have "looked" this part any better. Misty plays a shy, barely-legal teenager, and she actually looks the part; I'm in my early-twenties, and I felt like a dirty old man watching her perform. I have no idea how old she actually is, but she fit this role in the looks department to perfection and could have gotten by with a lackluster performance based on this fact alone; her excellent acting abilities just added to the product and made it that much better.

Once again, Seduction Cinema has put together an excellent film for this genre, and they have also once again shown that erotica doesn't have to be reduced to talentless blonde bimbos acting out a cheesy storyline. This is a perfect example of how the erotica genre should be done; we get an intriguing storyline, tasteful shots of beautiful women, and some gorgeous backdrops for all of the above. Fans of the genre or of Misty Mundae should waste no time in picking this one up; it's destined to be a classic. 9/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 04/15/2007, 12:09 AM
"Aunt Inga, teach me how to fuck" If that can't give you a rod, nothing will. All porn and lesbianism aside, this was actually a pretty good movie. A pretty basic story of a young girl coming into her own. With some almost incest and softcore thrown in for good measure. 8/10
jeff johnston #2: jeff johnston - added 03/04/2010, 10:47 AM
never seen it but it sounds really good.
Tobes #3: Tobes - added 03/04/2010, 02:01 PM
"That doesn't mean that I turn a blind eye to her faults, and I have no problems pointing out any flaws in her performances" -- Chad Connolly, Sex Critic
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