Batbabe: The Dark Nightie (2009)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Connections: DC: Batman DC: Joker

When heartless supercriminal the Jerker steals Bacchum City's entire supply of adult movies, lusty crime-fighter Batbabe strips down and steps up to vanquish the villain and get Bacchum's lifeblood flowing once again. But just how far will Batbabe go to restore passion to the streets? And what's the connection between Batbabe and mysterious strip club owner Wendy Wane? --TMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: January 24, 2009
Now, if only they would whip up a Dark Knight parody... c'mon, how did they overlook pitting BatBabe against the Poker?

I said that a couple of months ago in my review of The Insatiable IronBabe, and what do you know - this little number just showed up on my desk a couple of days ago. Coincidence? Undoubtedly, but I'm certainly not one to complain after having a wish granted. Yes, our pals over at Seduction Cinema have just wrapped up their latest softcore parody of a Hollywood blockbuster, and as is usually the case, it's a solid combination of laughs and the female form. I expected to enjoy it before I even popped it into my player as they have a great track record with these parodies, but I was shocked to find that this was one of their best releases yet... and after all of the hoopla over the source material, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Darian Caine is Wendy Wane by day, the proud owner (and star attraction) of the hottest strip club in Bacchum City. By night, she dons the mask and cape and becomes Batbabe, a vigilante crime-fighter whose goal is to clean up the town and put all of the hardened criminals behind bars... or in her bedroom. When The Jerker (Robert Mandara) rolls into town and starts stealing all of the pornography, an eyebrow is raised; when he reveals that he intends to keep it all to himself and cause the citizens to go into a sex-induced frenzy before flooding the streets with their own juices, Comissioner Boredom (John Paul Fedele) decides that enough is enough and tasks BatBabe with putting an end to his lunacy. Can she stop the Jerker and his masturbatory ways? What will happen with Wane's love interest Rachel Balls (Jackie Stevens)? Will Mrs. Balls decide to come home to Wendy, or will she finally marry Henrietta Bent (Molly Heartbreaker)? Most importantly, will a certain Jersey - excuse me, Bacchum City - softcore peddler be able to continue selling their DVDs some day in the near future?

The formula for this release is no different than what was found in Seduction Cinema's previous parodies, but that's not a bad thing: it's a winning formula that has sold countless DVDs and transformed quite a few starlets into household names, so why change it now? This formula, for those not in the know is quite simple: you pick the memorable scenes from the source material, redo them with dick, fart, and sex jokes, and shove in a bunch of softcore pornography. Is this a bad thing? Not in my eyes, but I think that it's fair to say that this sort of thing certainly isn't for everyone; however, if you've enjoyed any of the other parodies that this company has released, be it Spiderbabe, Lord of the G-Strings, or Kinky Kong, you'll love their latest.

What makes this one stand alongside the best of the best from this company is the writing, or maybe it's the fact that The Dark Knight was one of those films that absolutely required a good parody. Whatever the cause, this movie was downright hilarious. Remember the infamous "pencil trick"? That's replicated here, only, a dildo replaces the pencil (and a certain other detail is changed, but I'll leave that for the viewer). Did you read the numerous complaints about Christian Bale's gravelly voice? The lads responsible for this one did, and they poked fun at it repeatedly. How about that letter that should only be read "when the time is right"? That one's covered as well, and so are numerous other moments from one of the most overrated films of the decade.

However, this is more than just a parody of The Dark Knight: this is also a parody of the Batman universe in general. Watch for a mockery of Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrayal of Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin as well as jabs at a few of the other awkward decisions that Schumacher made during his foray into this universe. Let's not forget the "updated" version of Jack Nicholson's infamous line from Batman, and I couldn't wrap this up without acknowledging the nod to the Adam West incarnation of Batman. Simply put, if you're a fan of Batman in general and if you enjoy a good softcore parody, you'll love the numerous nods and references thrown in here.

As for the smut, it's the same thing that we've come to know and love from Seduction Cinema. Look through the cast listing and pick out all of the females - chances are good that there was a softcore lesbian scene between almost all of the combinations of two that you can put together. Surprisingly, there was also a handful of male-on-female sex scenes, something that up until very recently was a rarity in Seduction Cinema's offerings. Observant readers will notice that some of these sex scenes seem to have been shot prior to the production of this film, as both Darian Caine and Molly Heartbreaker have prominent new tattoos that come and go from scene to scene. Unfortunately, the Jerker himself only gets a sex scene with his own right hand.

If you're like me and enjoy these softcore parodies, Batbabe belongs on your shelf, no questions asked. If you're new to these releases, let's put it like this: do you want to see a hilarious parody of The Dark Knight with some low-brow humor thrown in for flavor? Do you also want to see some extremely hot ladies getting it on with one another? If you answered "yes" to one of those questions and at least "maybe" to the other, then you'll more than likely enjoy this one as much as I did. 9/10.
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