Ant-Babe: The Tiny Bravenger (2018)

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Connections: Marvel: Ant-Man

Scottalina Schlong is dominatrix/role playing model hired by shrink scientist Dr. Hanky Panky to stop the miniature masturbator The Yellow Jack-It from sneaking into women's locker rooms, showers, bedrooms and massage parlors from watching their naked bodies hiding with his two inch shrunken frame. Scottalina is transformed into a miniature superhero Ant-Babe to stop The Yellow Jack-It from peeking on women's lovemaking and boudoir secrets. As Ant-Babe searches for her quest of truth, justice and watches random sex with girls, boys, strip poles and encounters and enters the dark and sexy clutches of lesbian scientist, sexually frustrated fiancÚs, and sex addict nerds to find the truth. So strap on your helmet and shrink down to this reckless, funny and erotic adventure. --Official Site
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