Curious Obsessions (2006)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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When an old 16mm film projector shows up at their doorstep, roommates Beth and Jackie aren't quite sure what to make of its mysterious appearance. The young women quickly discover that the whirring machine is haunted: it turns on at will and projects non-stop footage of ultra-erotic stag loops from the 1960s and 70s. Soon Beth and Jackie become sexually possessed by the flickering images, which have an aphrodisiac effect upon the luscious and suddenly very curious pair. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: December 25, 2005
Two roommates, played by Bethany Lott and Jackie Stevens, star in this mixture of vintage and modern erotica. It all begins when an old projector shows up unexpectedly at their front door. Of course, they decide to play the film that came with it, and upon doing so, they find out that it's a bunch of nudie loops from the sixties. Watching this material turns the two girls on to no end, and about eighty minutes of solo and lesbian action occurs as a result. There's really nothing more to the storyline, so those of you who are looking for some sort of plot with your erotica may want to look elsewhere.

Seduction Cinema, the distributor of this movie, specializes in producing modern erotica. Retro-Seduction Cinema, an offshoot of Seduction Cinema, specializes in restoring and releasing classic erotica from the sixties and seventies. As explained by Michael Raso in one of the bonus features on the disc, Curious Obsessions was an attempt to bring the two styles of erotica together for a movie. Readers of this site may remember reading my review of Naughty Nudes Of The 1960's a few weeks back. Tonight's feature film incorporates nudie loops such as the ones found on that disc with brand new action from these two fine young ladies. It was an experimental movie, as Raso also explains, but I found that the combination of old and new worked out pretty nicely.

Basically, the movie works out something like this: the projector will fire itself up and play a minute or two of these nudie loops. We'll watch a short amount of sixties-era footage, mostly of women showing off their wares for the camera, and then we switch back to one or both of the stars of the film. Depending on whether we're seeing one or both of them, we either get to watch one of the ladies masturbate or watch the two go at it with one another, and all the while, we switch back and forth to the loop that the scene started out with. The loop finishes, the stars wrap things up, and it's onwards to the next scene. Again, I think that this mixture of vintage and modern worked out nicely... it's neat to watch how similar things are in today's erotica when compared to the style that was used over four decades ago, and at the same time, seeing how much has changed. Director John Bacchus (no stranger to the erotica genre) also did a good job at getting these ladies to sort of emulate the style of these girl-on-girl loops in a few of the modern scenes, and while it only happens here and there throughout the running-time of the film, it was definitely a nice touch.

Fans of the erotica genre should definitely check this one out when it streets on February 21st. While it doesn't bring much to the table in terms of storyline, the originality factor of the vintage / modern combination definitely makes it worth checking out. Storylines come and go, but the amount of originality found in the ideas and general setup behind today's erotica is dwindling... therefore, when a movie such as this one comes along, I can't help but smile and give it my approval. 7/10.
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