Vampire Vixens (2003)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 37%
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A female vampire teams up with a nerdy delivery boy to help her bring in female victims, while a suave business executive/vampire slayer plots to kill her. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: November 13, 2005
In this sequel to "The Vampire's Seduction", we find that Dracoola (Tina Krause) has been resurrected thanks to the nerdy Eugene (Zachary Winston Snygg) performing a spell over her ashen remains. Apparently, this vampiric female had been slain in the previous movie thanks to Wally Van Helsing (John Paul Fedele) slipping her a garlic sandwich. I haven't seen this movie, but that's the gist of what I got from the intro. Anyway, Dracoola is back amongst the mortals, and since Eugene is the one that resurrected her, she turns him into her personal slave. His one and only order is to kill the bumbling Wally Van Helsing, but thanks to Eugene's tendency to turn into a peeping-tom every time he walks by one of the neighboring houses, the job never actually gets done... and while he's getting off on watching these ladies, Wally sets out to dispose of Dracoola a second time in order to break the curse that has turned him into a bumbling idiot. A.J. Khan, Darian Caine, Katie Jordan, and Misty Mundae star in the loosely-related sex scenes of the movie.

As I mentioned up above, I haven't seen the first movie in this series (I've found myself saying that a lot in recent reviews). Therefore, I can't say which of the two films is better and I can't say how well the storyline held up in comparison. However, watching this movie on its own, it worked out pretty nicely and was one of the better offerings from Seduction Cinema. Another thing that I should point out here is that this was the final movie on the Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection, and of course, I watched the version included on that box-set. This was the extended European cut of the film which runs for a bit longer than the single-disc American release, but once again, I can't tell you how much longer it runs and I can't point out which scenes were cut. So, yeah... get the box-set and watch the film as it was intended to be seen.

Anyway, back to the storyline at hand. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the movie; I mean, how many indie vampire flicks are out there, and how many of those find themselves on the softcore side of things? The marketplace for this little niche is pretty flooded, but this one surprised me. Sure, there's plenty of hot actresses that spend more than a bit of time getting naked for the camera, but if you've seen any of the other releases from Seduction Cinema, you probably already knew that much. The real treat of this movie, however, is the comedic scenes that lead into each of these sex scenes. I'll be the first to admit that the style of comedy here probably wouldn't do too much for those who don't enjoy good old-fashioned potty humor; however, I do enjoy this style, and therefore, there was more than a couple of scenes which nearly pulled tears of laughter from my eyes.

Although they barely see each other on-screen, Zachary Winston Snygg and John Paul Fedele fight for the "best performance" award throughout the running time. Both of these men are hilarious, and just when you start thinking "yeah, this guy is the best part of the film," we switch to another scene in which the other one gives an even better performance and pulls even more laughs. Both men are outstanding in their performances, and the ladies certainly don't slouch in their roles either. Tina Krause pulls out a pretty impressive performance in the, ahem, leading role, and although I don't think that I've seen much of her work before, she is definitely a name that I will remember based on her work here. Of course, Misty Mundae turns in her typical excellency and A.J. Khan is once again a treat to watch, but funny enough, I thought that the aforementioned guys were the real stars of the movie.

If you've never seen a Seduction Cinema film, this would be one of the first five films from their library that I would recommend in order to get you acquainted with the style of cinema that they produce. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you're looking for some gorgeous ladies who have no problems showing skin and some hearty laughs, then you really can't go wrong with this movie. 7/10.
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