Satan's School For Lust (2002)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
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Young, beautiful and naive Primula Cooper is sent to a secluded female-only private school while her father travels overseas. Diablo School For Girls is an ominous and isolated building that hides its many dark and kinky secrets from the outside world. Upon her arrival, Primula is greeted by Miss Beezle the domineering headmistress of Diablo who has a sinister taste for the bodies and souls of blossoming young women as well as Phoenix, a student hellion and over-sexed goth girl who becomes Primula's all-too-willing roommate. As Primula tries to settle into her strange new environment, she begins having dreams of a devilish figure that can satisfy her deepest and hottest desires! --TMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: November 1, 2005
Much to her dismay, Primula Cooper (Misty Mundae) is one of the few students attending the El Diablo School For Girls during the holiday break. This is due to her father having to tend to some business overseas, and little Miss Cooper is none too happy about this situation. However, things change when she starts having dreams of Satan herself (Darian Caine) coming into her room at night and pleasuring her with a crucifix, among other things. She soon finds out that this dream is about to become a reality, as her roommate Phoenix (Ruby LaRocca) and the head-mistress Miss Beezle (Barbara Joyce) have plans to use her body in a Satanic ritual in order to bring Satan into their humble abode.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my recent reviews (shame on you: Roxanna and Mummy Raider), I've been going through the movies found on the Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection, a box-set which contains the uncut versions of these films (which were previously only released over-seas). The previous two movies have had an extra thirty to forty minutes of material added on when compared to the American releases, but I couldn't find out how much of a difference there was between the version of Satan's School For Lust found in this box-set and the version that was released in America. So with that in mind, there may or may not be some differences between the version I watched and the version you can pick up at your local Blockbuster.

What struck me as a bit odd about this movie was the fact that I really enjoyed it. Now, that's not odd in and of itself... what makes it odd is that I wasn't too keen on Roxanna, a movie which is well-regarded amongst Misty Mundae fans, yet I enjoyed this one, a movie which is regarded as a low-point in her career. Funny how that works out, isn't it? While I can see the reason that someone who only watches these movies for Misty would find this one to be a bit of a let-down (Misty pretty much disappears during the middle of the movie), I found that it was an entertaining entry in the erotic / occult horror genre. The mix of sex and storyline was just right here; there's plenty of girl-on-girl action, but there's also a storyline to string it all together. Really, that's all I ask from these types of movies, and this one got the ratios right.

Besides the storyline, there's some really nice visuals to be found in this movie. The main one would be the crucifix scene that I mentioned in my summary... I mean, how often do you get to see a female Satan pleasuring another woman with a bloody cross? There's a few other scenes that go along with that sort of theme, but this one was by far the best of the bunch. The fact that these sex scenes were not the same type of scenes that we've seen countless times before was another thing that I particularly enjoyed about this movie.

My only complaint with this movie was the audio. There's a number of scenes where the speech is pretty much muffled beyond understanding, and this is especially bad during the final revelations at the end of the movie. If you turn the volume up loud enough, you can make things out... but in my view, this audio issue should have been cleared up. This small issue is the only fault of the movie, and fans of the erotica genre should otherwise find a worthy entry in this movie. 7/10.
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