Saw: A Hardcore Parody (2010)

DVD Cover (Blue Circus Entertainment)
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Connections: Saw

The porn biz is in a panic. A killer is on the loose putting porn stars in diabolical sexual situations. The sole survivor (Amber Rayne), while being interviewed, gives a clue which delves you deeper into the story of the madman behind the puppet. It's up to Detective Roush (James Bartholet) and his partner Detective Humpsey (Syren DeMer) to catch him in this all-star comedic thriller adaptation. --Adult DVD Empire
Review by Chad
Added: March 21, 2011
So, there I was, gathering up the required information to start work on a new review for this little site of ours, when I noticed that Ron Jeremy had a cameo role in that film. I decided to check out his filmography and see what he had been up to lately, when I noticed Saw: A Hardcore Parody listed near the top of that page. Instantly intrigued, I decided to grab it and postpone the film that I originally had lined up for the day. I'm glad I did, because thanks to that little stroke of luck, I discovered what may be one of the best porn parodies that I have ever seen.

The story follows Detective Roush (James Bartholet) and Detective Humpsy (Syren Demer), two criminal investigators who are working the Screwball case - you know, the serial killer who kidnaps porn stars and forces them to play deadly games in order to walk away with their lives? Yes, that guy. As it turns out, there's been a break in the case: a victim (Amber Rayne) has survived and may have clues to the identity of the killer.

She recounts her ordeal, which involved her being chained down to a wooden horse with a huge dildo shoved in her ass and her biggest fan standing nude in front of her. A machine thrusts the dildo in and out of her, and as a little puppet on the television explains, she has but a few minutes to make her fan ejaculate using only her hands and her mouth. As the minutes tick by, the mask that he is wearing will start to smother him while the dildo will speed up, so if she isn't quick about it, he will suffocate and she will be fucked to death.

Insert random sex scene with Lexi Belle and two guys.

The detectives take their findings to the chief of police (Ron Jeremy), who decides that one of them should go undercover to infiltrate the porn business and find more clues. The task goes to Detective Roush, the two leave, and who else but Ginger Lynn Allen crawls out from under the desk? Cue a lengthy sex scene between the two, their first together in over twenty years. Not a bad scene, but they're both getting up there in years.

We then return to Lexi Belle, who finds herself in a trap that is sort of humorous, but not really worth the words it would take to describe it.

Insert gratuitous sex scene with James Bartholet and Emy Reyes.

In the next trap, Evan Stone is chastised for making men around the world feel inadequate with his huge penis and his immense lasting power. His game is simple in its evilness: he's locked in a room with Asa Akira and Brittany Amber, and he has to stay hard for forty minutes. If he goes limp or ejaculates, the bomb in his chest will explode and the collars wrapped around their necks will do the same.

Finally, the detectives discover the identity of Screwball and set out to find him, and this leads us to the final trap of the movie. I won't give the specifics, but it involves a lady (Heidi Mayne) connected to somebody in the movie, and this lady has to go through a gangbang with three guys. Throw in the obligatory twist ending, leave room for a sequel, and we have ourselves a film.

Saw: A Hardcore Parody worked so well for me because it did what few other films of this nature manage to accomplish: it gives us the hardcore porn scenes that we came for, but it delivers them alongside an honest-to-goodness storyline. Hustler has basically dominated the market with their flood of films, and based on the ones that I have seen, they are content to merely gather actors who kinda look like the people that they are supposed to be parodying, slapping some makeup and costumes on them to enhance the effect, and letting them fuck. Blue Circus Entertainment is a newcomer to the genre, but if this is any indication as to the sort of material that they plan on releasing in the future, I'll be following their every release.

Now, let's be clear here: I praised the film for featuring a good storyline, but this is a porno release that we're discussing. The story is a bit silly and wouldn't really fly in the next sequel to the official series, but considering the genre of the film, it worked out a lot better than it could have (or would have in other hands). It's great by porno standards, but by mainstream standards, it's merely alright. The same could be said about the acting: these are porn stars, so to expect award-winning acting would be silly... but by porn standards, they were pretty damned good.

The only thing that I was let down by was the lack of blood. That may be an odd thing to gripe about in most porn films unless you have some bizarre fetishes, but c'mon: this is Saw that we're parodying here, a series that brought blood and guts back to the theater. There are four traps in the film (I didn't detail the opening scene), and of them, two are actually great, one of them is decent, and another is merely humorous... but only two of them feature any blood at all, and it is minimal. Not a bad ratio, all things considered, but a little more gore would have went a long way.

Overall though, I'm going to give this one a thumbs up for fans of porn parodies. I won't be placing this in my year-end list and it's by no means a masterpiece, but compared to the other porn parodies coming out these days, it's definitely a winner. The storyline is interesting, the traps are entertaining, the sex scenes are actually pretty damned hot, and it's just an overall fun time in front of the tube. Check it out. 8/10.
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