A Wet Dream On Elm Street (2011)

DVD Cover (Evolution Distribution)
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Freddy Krueger, a sex toy salesman burnt to death by an angry mob due to his shady business practices, returns from the grave to take his revenge on his killers by putting their now adult children into orgasm-induced "pleasure comas". --IMDb
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Review by Tobes
Added: December 5, 2011
Nightmare On Elm Street has a perfect set up for a parody. Freddy Krueger comes in your dreams to kill you, so having that tie in to the obvious "wet dream" problem most people have experienced once in their life, leads to this sweet hybrid named Wet Dream On Elm Street.

Wet Dream On Elm Street kicks off with a guy and girl [Jennifer White/Chris Johnson] in the throes of intercourse (for about 20 minutes) doing normal sexy things to each other. Once they finish, she rolls over and lets him know how great the sex was...ONLY IT'S NO LONGER HER MALE CO-STAR, IT'S FREDDY! This Freddy [Anthony Rosano] doesn't have the trademark blade glove however, he has a glove made of dildos.

Once the scene finishes, we find ourselves at the "Elm Street High School 2 Year High School Reunion for 18+ Year Olds". The old teacher [Tommy Pistol] is catching up with the girl students [Giselle Leon, Gracie Glam, Charley Chase, Sophie Dee] about their weird dreams. They of course are talking about the legend of Freddy, the sex toy salesman who was ripping of his customers by overcharging for the toys. The inhabitants of this small town were so mad, that they burnt him from the waste up, and the fire melted vibrators to his hands.

Freddy is now getting his revenge by putting everyone into pleasure comas, so the girls at school are warned not to fall asleep. And what happens when the victims are warned not to fall asleep? Yes, they fall asleep, and that leads to each of the sex scenes in the film, as well as Freddy's cameo in all of their dreams.

The parody aspects of the film are pretty funny, with all of the normal aspects of the Nightmare... series touched upon. The base "story" of the franchise, the funny/sarcastic quips after "deaths", and of course the burnt face. There are a LOT of jokes throughout the normal scenes, and there's a lot of references to the fact that they're all in a porn, which actually helps keep the film entertaining (if you're watching the parodies for laughs).

The sex scenes are pretty good, even though it's weird watching fake Freddy Krueger having sex with girls. Something about the face is kind of a mood killer for me. But overall, this is a quality parody that fans of porn and horror should definitely check out, as you'll get a kick out of all the random callbacks to the real film, and the girls in the sex scenes are pretty attractive.

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