Left 4 Head (2009)

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Connections: Left 4 Dead

The original clip that started it all! This ain't the popular new video game Left 4 but the Zombie parody of the game called Left 4 Head where only one sexy character Blowie (played by Felony) runs around shooting Zombies, until she meets up with all sorts of freaky mutant zombies. --Clips4Sale
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Review by Chad
Added: February 25, 2009
There's an old saying in the world of media, that being "If it's popular or in the news, there will be a pornographic version of it." Movies, cartoons, comics, holiday festivities, and even presidential elections provide plenty of material for pornographers to base their films on, and the world of video games is no different. So, it should come as no surprise that somebody saw how popular Left 4 Dead was getting, and thus, we wound up with the short film known as Left 4 Head. I'm surprised, but not at the fact that it exists: I'm shocked that it took this long.

You want a great storyline? Fat chance. What we do get centers around Blowie (Felony), one of the four survivors during a zombie epidemic, who is actively searching for fellow survivor Louis. She never does manage to find him, but she does find herself in an abandoned house during her hunt. There, she comes across two zombies that she disposes of with ease, but then, a smoker pops up out of nowhere. For those of you who have never played the game, a smoker is a wheezing zombie who can ensnare and drag the living with his tongue, a tongue that can shoot out upwards of twenty or thirty feet. The smoker that we get in this film is similar to its game-based cousin, only... well... it's not his tongue that he shoots out, but the length of the appendage and the end result is roughly the same. Blowie is finally able to fight him off after a little bit of forced oral action, but she then comes face to face with a hunter. In the game, a hunter is another type of zombie that can leap great distances and who quite literally tears his victims to pieces after doing so. Here, the hunter jumps on poor Blowie and forces her to live up to her name by going down on him, and that wraps up the film... until part two!

It's a twelve-minute porn parody, so to expect stellar writing and complex plot twists would be a bit silly. I kept that in mind before I even clicked the play button, but I still couldn't help but walk away from this one disappointed. I expected to get what the title and the description promised: a pornographic parody of a video game, but what I got was a porno flick starring guys in rubber masks and overlaid with audio samples from the game. Sure, I knew that there would be a heavy emphasis on the sex scenes, but I expected more than just a single spoof that worked.

I'll give the filmmakers credit for the opening scene, a scene in which we see Blowie exploring a "deserted wasteland" before coming across an overturned car. I imagine that this was merely a junkyard with dimmed lighting, but whatever it was, it looked nice and brought back faint memories of the game. I'm also going to give points for remembering that the survivors in the game carry medipacks on their back, and adapting that for the film added a nice touch. I also loved the scene with the smoker, as I felt that that was everything that a porn parody should be: an instantly-recognizable element from the source material, exaggerated and twisted for humor, mixed with the obligatory T&A.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the enjoyment for me. The scene with the hunter consisted of nothing more than a guy in a cheap Halloween mask getting his dick sucked by our leading lady, and while I'll repeat that I fully expected some sex out of this release, I felt that the guys responsible for this one dropped the ball for those of us who wanted something more than just another run-of-the-mill sex scene. Those of you who are looking for just that will enjoy it, but otherwise, you'll find yourself fast-forwarding through the entire scene. I mean, really... the least they could have done was have the hunter tear her clothes to shreds as a nod to the game.

Left 4 Head was a great idea and it features one particularly good scene, but the scene with the hunter - the majority of the running time - sort of killed my overall interest in the product. I think that a 5/10 sounds about right as the one scene was downright great, but that was all that the film had going for it.
Sarcastos #1: Sarcastos - added March 3, 2009 at 8:24pm
This was great, saw it a few days ago and been passing to friends ever since. big fan of the game, but when playing it i always had one thought going through my head "this needs some T&A and dick sucking" :)
Tobes #2: Tobes - added December 23, 2009 at 8:20am
"There's an old saying in the world of media, that being "If it's popular or in the news, there will be a pornographic version of it.""

It's called Rule 34 sir
calex11395 #3: calex11395 - added April 28, 2010 at 11:13pm
I watched this for shits and giggles and it turned out to be great compared to what I thought it was going to. That Felony chick is hott.
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