Roxanna (2002)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 36%
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When Roxanna discovers her fascination with lesbian sexuality, she finds herself dragged deeper and deeper into it. This leaves her at odds with her boyfriend, with tragic results. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: October 29, 2005
We find Misty Mundae taking on the role of Roxanna in this remake of the Nick Millard's 1970 original, and the storyline this time around focuses on Roxanna's newfound appetite for the fairer sex. After her boyfriend (Josh Robinson) brings home another woman (Katie Jordan) and asks Roxanna to have sex with her in order to spice up their love-life, Roxanna finds out that she's much more attracted to the ladies than she is to her boyfriend. This sets into motion a downward spiral of drugs and lust, as Roxanna can't get enough of either the blow or the... ladies. Included in the lust side of things is Darian Caine as Roxanna's dealer of choice and Barbara Joyce as her therapist.

I've not seen the original version of this film, so I can't compare the two or tell you how well the remake lives up to the original. I've heard some good things about Millard's version (where he was credited as Nick Phillips), but until I see it for myself, I'm not going to throw any praise or criticism at it. If you pick up the single-disc release of this movie, the original version is included as a bonus feature and this is the only way that it is available on DVD to the best of my knowledge. However, I watched the version found on the Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection, which runs for almost forty minutes longer than the American cut. Either version of the film has its perks (seeing the original included on the disc or seeing the movie uncut), so make up your own mind about which is more important if you decide to check out the movie.

Now then, back to the movie at hand. The storyline is pretty non-existent in this envisioning of the film, and there's really only about five minutes of combined plot development and (non sex) acting in this portion of the film. Misty has a few spots where she's allowed to show off the fact that she actually has some acting ability and is not just a nice body, but she never really gets any time to shine. After this storyline runs its course around the forty minute mark, we see a seemingly unrelated storyline focusing on two doctors detailing a case involving a couple of ladies who live together after an unexpected inheritance. This too falls into the same pattern as Misty's segment, as there's even less of a storyline for the last thirty minutes of the movie. I'm taking a guess here, but I'm going to assume that this second part of the movie is what was cut from the American single-disc release. It has nothing to do with Roxanna as far as I could tell, and it also doesn't feature any of the characters from Misty's segment.

If you're looking for a little over an hours worth of lesbian action featuring some of Seduction Cinema's hottest ladies, then this is the movie for you. I'd venture to guess that there's about a total of ten minutes worth of clothed-characters and storyline development throughout the entire movie and the rest of the film is nothing but softcore lesbian sex. If that's the kind of thing that you're looking for, then this one will find a nice home in your DVD player. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a little more storyline and character development to go along with the sex... it's an interesting storyline and it could have went so much further than it did. That's just my opinion, however, and fans of the erotica genre may enjoy it more than I did. 3/10.
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