Left 4 Head 2: Left 4 Anal (2009)

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Connections: Left 4 Dead

Felony reprises her role as "Blowie" in the continuing story of LEFT 4 HEAD whom after encountering the "Poker"and the "Groper" Zombie in the last episode, she comes upon the most nastiest Zombie yet, the "Splooger" Zombie. --Clips4Sale
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Review by Tristan
Added: February 25, 2009
Those of you familiar with the gaming scene are well aware of Left 4 Dead. For the three of you who are out of the loop, it's a very simple concept. You and three other survivors must get from point A to point B. Trouble is, there are zombies everywhere. There are also a few "special" zombies, which I'll cover a little later. The original film, Left 4 Head, made use of some of these special zombies by having them attack our leading lady in some very creative ways. Nothing is funnier than seeing a horror movie - or in this case game - turned into a sex parody. Usually it's something as simple as changing the title, creating a wardrobe to match the movie or game, and you're in. Unfortunately this sequel wasn't nearly as clever and was a big waste of time. That is unless you were in the mood for a 10 minute anal scene.

We start off with Blowie - an obvious spoof on Zoey (played by adult film star Felony) - creeping through an abandoned house. She dispatches a few zombies then confronts a Boomer. The Boomer is a massive, swollen zombie that is full of bile. It spits this bile all over you, causing temporary vision distortion and attracting hordes of the undead. When it dies it explodes, covering you in zombie juices which again, attracts more zombies. As you might have already guessed, Blowie kills the Boomer and is covered in said juices. She then ventures deeper into the house where she finds Louis (another Left 4 Dead character) stuck in a closet. This is where it stops being a parody of the Left 4 Dead game, and becomes a generic sex scene that certainly delivers on the anal front. Sort of an oxymoron there. Anyway, it's very clear that this scene was taken from another movie and the only tie in with the Left 4 Dead concept is that it's a black man performing with Blowie (Louis from the game is black).

So there you have it, the short and pointless sequel to Left 4 Head. It's hard to even call it a sequel when there's roughly two minutes of footage that relates to the original, and the rest is just a generic sex scene. I'm not complaining, but this was definitely a huge letdown after the funny and creative Left 4 Head. It started off pretty funny, and I was hoping they would incorporate more of the characters from the game into the movie, rather than just one then completely getting off track.

I can't really recommend this one. It started off alright, but quickly turned into a porno clip with a quick Left 4 Dead reference in the opening sequence. Hardly worth calling a sequel, and hardly worth watching. Surprising though is leading lady Felony. She's 40 years old, but you'd never guess it. She's in great shape, and looks quite young for her age. So I'll give it a point for the fact that it at least had one Left 4 Dead reference, and another point for the final sex scene itself being alright, and Ms Felony doing a fine job for a woman of 40.

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