Zodiac Rapist Grindhouse Double Feature (2008)

DVD Cover (After Hours Cinema)
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The Zodiac Rapist (1971) - Dobbs is about to crack his toughest case - getting into the pants of his secretary and teaching her a thing or two about taking dicktation. After she takes down all he's got, it's time for Sam to focus on tracking down the Zodiac serial rapist who has been making mincemeat of L.A. women with his mighty meat.

Sam Dobbs and the Guru Gangbang (1970) - Sam Dobbs and the Guru Gangbang opens with our implacable gumshoe ensconced in his rather no-frills headquarters. While his capable girl Friday takes dictation from Dobbs, the detective fields a phone call from a mysterious femme fatale, who reports the presence of a rigid stiff floating in her swimming pool. --DVD
Included In This Collection
The Zodiac Rapist Sam Dobbs And The Guru Gangbang
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