Flesh For Olivia (2002)

DVD Cover (After Hours Cinema)
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Overall Rating 46%
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Connections: Flesh For Olivia

Olivia, a beautiful hooker under the influence of the violent and degenerate pimp Claudio, uses her charms to seduce young women so Claudio can film them. Things take a turn for the worse when Melody, one of Olivia's willing "victims", suddenly disappears one day. Her roommate Alice fears that she may be next. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: May 28, 2006
In Misty Mundae's last performance for Factory 2000, she plays the role of a young lady named Olivia who is indebted to a voyeuristic pimp named Claudio (Dean Paul). Claudio, as we soon discover, enjoys watching and recording Olivia having lesbian sex with other young ladies... and he also enjoys watching her indulge in various fetishes with these ladies, with the main one being asphyxiation. I don't want to get too in depth about what happens next and throughout the remainder of the film, so I'll just say that things get a little too rough for comfort when Olivia meets roommates Melody (A.J. Khan) and Alice (Julian Wells).

Here we find Misty Mundae reprising her role as Olivia from Silk Stocking Strangler, the first movie in this series. While I haven't seen that movie and can't compare the two entries, I can safely say that this one isn't your average softcore flick. What sets this movie apart from the usual softcore fare is the actual storyline found within and the acting abilities of Misty Mundae. While most softcore films are content to simply throw some sex scenes at the audience for an hour or feature the simplest of plots in an attempt to come off as a halfway-legitimate film, this one actually features a pretty deep plot. Sure, it's not going to rival the intricate and complex plots of a Takashi Miike release, but for a softcore film, it rests comfortably alongside the best of them in this department.

Misty Mundae is an excellent actress. Yes, I said actress... while she is best known for her work in softcore films such as this, the woman can actually put on an outstanding performance when the camera is rolling. While other actresses are content to show up, get naked, and smile for the camera in these types of releases, Misty actually puts an effort into putting some life into the character that she plays. This film is no exception; what could have turned out to be one of "those" films that you see on late-night Cinemax is transformed into an enjoyable film thanks to the performance of this young lady. Also starring in this film is A.J. Khan, my personal favorite Seduction lady (now that Misty is gone). Here, she shows off why she ranks so highly with yours truly; she can perform in whatever role is thrown at her and act it out flawlessly, and she's funny as hell to boot. Oh yes... did I mention that she is smoking hot?

Fans of Seduction Cinema or quality softcore films in general should give this one some attention. It features everything that one could ask for from the genre; a good storyline, good performances by the leading ladies, and of course, plenty of flesh. There's even a number of ideas featured here that prevents the audience from getting that "this scene again?" feeling... while I don't want to spoil them for any potential viewers, they definitely made the movie much more entertaining. Highly recommended for fans of the genre. 8/10.
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