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Holiday: Easter


Critters 2: The Main Course Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)
A batch of unhatched critter eggs are mistaken for Easter eggs by the country-folk inhabitants of Grover's Bend and, before long, the ferocious furballs are on the rampage again.


Holidays Holidays (2016)
'Holidays' is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions.


Easter Sunday Easter Sunday (2022)
A man returns home for an Easter celebration with his riotous, bickering, eating, drinking, laughing, loving family, in this love letter to the Filipino-American community.


Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell (2014)
A giant bloodthirsty Easter bunny starts viciously killing the local townsfolk. When the Mayor refuses to act and the attacks grow more gruesome, the town finds its very survival in the hands of a...


Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006)
Remington, a murderous grifter cons his way into a mother's heart, putting on a fatherly facade to her cherished son, Nicholas. But the second she leaves for work, a torrent of abuse rains upon the...


VeggieTales: An Easter Carol VeggieTales: An Easter Carol (2004)
When Mr. Nezzer tries to knock St. Bart's church down to make way for his new amusement park, Easter Land, he is visited by a vision of the late Granny Nezzer. She tells him to expect a visitor....


The Dog Who Saved Easter The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)
It's Easter and everyone's favorite K-9 is back! The Bannisters are heading out on a family cruise and sending Zeus to doggie day care. Everything is going according to plan until the daycare's...


Kottentail Kottentail (2006)
The "Overlook Animal Research Laboratory" has long been working on genetic engineering without any trouble. That all changes one night when two would be animal liberators set free a test rabbit,...


Easter Bloody Easter Easter Bloody Easter (2024)
A woman must protect her small town from the Jackalope and his army of devilish bunnies as they embark on a murder spree over the Easter weekend.


Easter Bunny Bloodbath Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)
Twenty years ago, young Peter McKay watched his father decapitate his sister on Easter morning. Peter never celebrated the Easter holiday again... until now.


Happy Horror Days Happy Horror Days (2020)
This horror anthology turns nine of our happiest holidays on their heads, starring a diabolical Easter bunny, a wicked Humpty Dumpty and many more.


Easter Bunny Massacre Easter Bunny Massacre (2021)
A group of friends hiding a deadly secret are hunted down one by one by a bunny masked killer.


Easter Bunny Massacre: The Bloody Trail Easter Bunny Massacre: The Bloody Trail (2023)
A group of old school friends are reunited for Easter where they are confronted about a crime they committed by a serial killer dressed in a Easter Bunny outfit.


Easter Sunday Easter Sunday (2014)
It's been 24 years since the deranged serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed by police on Easter night. This year, a group of hard partying teenagers not only raise some hell, but literally...


Easter Holocaust Easter Holocaust (2020)
It's Easter once again, and a demonic form of the Easter Bunny has risen to wreak havoc upon a small town . The local population quickly begins to dwindle as it murders everyone in its bloody path....


Easter Evil Easter Evil (2024)
In Las Vegas, a go-go dancer and a call girl are terrorized by a giant evil rabbit.


Black Easter Black Easter (1994)
Black Easter is based on the famous legend of a bride that was killed on her wedding night. The ghostly bride also known as "Resurrection Mary" hitchhikes and kills everyone in her path on each...


Easter Bunny Bloodbath 2: No More Tears Easter Bunny Bloodbath 2: No More Tears (2020)
Long traumatized and recovering after a horrific Easter five years earlier, a girl slowly goes insane and deranged when she realizes that her attacker is still alive. Trying to right wrongs while...


Will And Ed's Keister Easter Will And Ed's Keister Easter (1992)
Starring Leanna Foxx, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Marissa Malibu, Teddi Austin, Cherry Lawson


Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Hunt (2017)
RayVeness dresses up as Elvira for Halloween so that husband Will Powers can live out his sexual fantasy. When Tyler Nixon comes by to collect donations for Christmas, spa worker Mercedes Carrera...


Slutty Easter Bunnies Slutty Easter Bunnies (2014)
We all love coloring eggs and baskets of candy, but what we really love at Easter time is simple - Slutty Easter Bunnies! We find a slutty coed bunny and we film her flashing in public before we...


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