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The Nun The Nun (2018)
A priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form...


The Nun II The Nun II (2023)
A follow-up to the enigmatic gothic horror about a strong evil that haunts and causes supernatural harm to everybody it comes into contact with. After the events of the first film, the said...


The Devils The Devils (1971)
In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of...


Prey For The Devil Prey For The Devil (2022)
Sister Ann believes she is answering a calling to be the first female exorcist... but who, or what, called her? In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, Ann seeks out a place at an...


Immaculate Immaculate (2024)
Cecilia, a woman of devout faith, is warmly welcomed to the picture-perfect Italian countryside where she is offered a new role at an illustrious convent. But it becomes clear to Cecilia that her...


The Nun's Story The Nun's Story (1959)
After leaving a wealthy Belgian family to become a nun, Sister Luke struggles with her devotion to her vows during crisis, disappointment, and World War II.


The First Omen The First Omen (2024)
A young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church, but encounters a darkness that causes her to question her faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to...


Nude Nuns With Big Guns Nude Nuns With Big Guns (2010)
Upon taking her vows to become a nun, Sister Sarah is abused, brainwashed and drugged into submission by the corrupt clergy. On the verge of death from a lethal dose of drugs, Sister Sarah receives...


Mother Joan Of The Angels Mother Joan Of The Angels (1961)
A priest is sent to a small parish in the Polish countryside which is believed to be under demonic possession and there he finds his own temptations awaiting.


The Convent The Convent (2000)
In 1959, young Christine coolly walks into the St. Francis Boarding School for Girls with a shotgun, a can of gasoline and a cigarette. Within minutes, she walks out - the chapel engulfed in flames...


Killer Nun Killer Nun (1979)
A demented nun sliding through morphine addiction into madness, whilst presiding over a regime of lesbianism, torture and death. Sister Gertrude is the head nurse/nun in a general hospital, whose...


Demonia Demonia (1990)
A Canadian archaeological team in Sicily accidentally unleashes vengeful ghosts of five demonic nuns who were murdered 500 years earlier, and the ghosts now set out to kill the group and...


School Of The Holy Beast School Of The Holy Beast (1974)
After the mysterious death of her mother, a young woman chooses to enter a convent to find out what happened. As soon as the door closes to the nunnery, the nuns start torturing the woman. Also,...


The Convent The Convent (2018)
Early in the seventeenth century, a young woman, Persephone, is falsely accused, arrested and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed but for the timely intervention of a stranger, the...


Agnes Agnes (2021)
Rumors of demonic possession at a religious convent prompts a church investigation into the strange goings-on among its nuns. A disaffected priest and his neophyte are confronted with temptation,...


The Bloody Judge The Bloody Judge (1970)
Unaware of the torture that takes place in the dungeons, Judge Jeffries condemns women as witches and rebels as traitors on a regular basis. A sister of one of the condemned prisoner approaches the...


The Bad Nun The Bad Nun (2018)
A young woman goes to an isolated former convent turned bed-and-breakfast for some much needed relaxation, where she is visited by a nun at the door who progressively reveals her true colors as the...


Habit Habit (2021)
A street smart party girl gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by masquerading as a Nun.


Deliver Us Deliver Us (2023)
When a nun in a remote convent claims immaculate conception, the Vatican sends a team of priests to investigate, concerned about an ancient prophecy that a woman will give birth to twin boys: one...


Bloody Bloody Bible Camp Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012)
A group of oversexed Christian kids head to a Bible camp where a gruesome massacre unfolded seven years prior, and encounter a psychotic nun on a mission to punish the wicked in this campy slasher...


The Other Hell The Other Hell (1981)
A priest investigates paranormal activity at a nuns' convent where a deep, dark secret is about to resurface in the guise of murder! Could the devil be behind this, or is that just what Mother...


The Demons The Demons (1973)
As the scarlet flames lick her pale and desperate face while the feeble body is eager to succumb, a vindictive unrepentant witch doomed by the Grand Inquisitor Jeffries and Lady de Winter to die at...


The Last House On The Beach The Last House On The Beach (1978)
Sister Cristina plays a nun who takes the teenage girls in her care to a remote house where they rehearse A Midsummer Night's Dream. Three thugs show up, brutally raping and terrorizing the girls,...


Sister Emanuelle Sister Emanuelle (1977)
Renouncing her "sinful" past, Emanuelle has entered a convent and has dedicated herself to a life of service. Enter Monika, the free-spirited, free-loving daughter of a wealthy Baron. Emanuelle is...


A Nun's Curse A Nun's Curse (2020)
While on a weekend trip, a group of friends are forced to seek shelter inside an abandoned prison where a nun named Sister Monday had once been assigned. During her time at the prison, Sister...


The Devil In Miss Jones Part II The Devil In Miss Jones Part II (1982)
And now Justine Jones has earned a life of eternal lust on earth. But Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and Justine start to make amends for 10 years of pure Hell without sex. But to the...


Grindhouse Nightmares Grindhouse Nightmares (2018)
Welcome to the Grindhouse experience like it was meant to be, killer story lines and themes zig zig across the screen in Grind-O-Vision, a nonstop thrill ride of babes, guns, muscle cars,...


Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession (1976)
Sisterhood is powerful. Before leaving for a mission in Africa, Runa, a nun, visits her sister three years after entering the convent when her sister stole Runa's boyfriend. Runa comes to forgive...


Nun's Diary: Confession Nun's Diary: Confession (1979)
After being brutally raped, a young woman attempts to commit suicide. A priest talks her out of it and she decides to become a nun. Once inside the convent, she is again a victim of sexual abuse.


Bad Nun: Deadly Vows Bad Nun: Deadly Vows (2020)
Catherine and her family recently moved into a converted church. Upon moving in, they have been harassed by an unknown religious stalker, claiming them to be sinners. Pamela, Catherine's...


Virtual Death Match Virtual Death Match (2020)
A group of gamers are selected to take part in a VR competition where only the fittest will survive.


Bigfoot Exorcist Bigfoot Exorcist (2021)
A demonic cult has summoned the ultimate beast, Bigfoot, to prowl the mountains and slaughter innocent victims. But when Claude is attacked by the creature, the curse of Bigfoot is passed down to...


Big Tit Monastery Big Tit Monastery (1995)
A man is haunted by memories of sex with a big-breasted nun.


Sister Krampus Sister Krampus (2021)
Near the end of World War II, American soldiers perpetuate an unspeakable horror on a local nun. Turned away from the church, Krampus hears her cries, enacting brutal revenge - but it comes with a...


The Black Nun The Black Nun (2021)
When a young couple moves into a historic black neighborhood, they learn that the people who live there believe in a protective spirit called The Black Nun. For the upwardly conservative couple,...


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