Kottentail (2006)

DVD Cover (Brain Damage)
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Overall Rating 38%
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The "Overlook Animal Research Laboratory" has long been working on genetic engineering without any trouble. That all changes one night when two would be animal liberators set free a test rabbit, not knowing that the bunny's genes have gone haywire. On the loose, the vicious little beast soon attacks a farmer - Hans Kottentail. Hans quickly begins to change. He grows fur, eats veggies and... hops. It isn't long before murderous a rage overtakes poor Hans and he begins picking off townsfolks at a rapid pace. It's up to 5 local women, each with ties to the case, to bring him down before he kills them all. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: April 24, 2011
It's Easter once again, and in digging around for a good Easter flick, I stumbled across the adorably-titled Kottentail. Now, I'll be perfectly honest with you dear readers: I expected this movie to be a piece of shit before I ever popped it into my player, but I had to do something for the holiday, and thus, I braced myself and kicked back with it. From the opening scene, I realized that it was going to be a low-budget, amateurish affair: the lead in that scene was a horrible actor, the "rabbit" in the cage was a stuffed animal, and it "moved" courtesy of someone off-screen yanking it around with a string. Then, something started to happen: the film started to truly get funny, and not in a "laugh at how awful the movie is" sort of way. By the end of the running time, I was hoping for a sequel.

Yes, it begins in a laboratory, where a scientist named Dr. Scarlet Salenger (Bridget Marquardt) is tending to a test bunny. We learn here that it has become increasingly aggressive recently, and this leads us directly over to Robin (Patricia Bellemore) and Lizzie (Noel Francomano), two dim-witted PETA girls who are planning to break in to this lab and set the animals free. They succeed, the aggressive rabbit is free as a bird, and it quickly runs across the street (by that, I mean the filmmakers pick up the stuffed animal and shoot it at various spots on the road) to find a garden to destroy. It winds up in the yard of Hans Kottentail (Nathan Faudree), a German immigrant who despises rabbits in his garden. This leads to an epic battle between man and rabbit, and while Hans walks away the victor, he suffers a bite on his hand... a bite that transfers the rabbit's DNA to him. This leads to a half-man, half-rabbit monstrosity with a thirst for human blood. Oh no!

One of Kottentail's victims turns out to be the boyfriend of Marissa (Kristin Abbott), an attractive sorority girl who takes the issue up with the police only to be laughed at. Fortunately for her, a female police officer by the name of Yvonne (Heather Darling) is investigating the recent string of murders, and she actually believes that a rabbit-man may be responsible. These two ladies eventually team up with the PETA girls and the scientist who started the whole damned thing, and the five of them set out to destroy the beast before it can rack up any more kills in their town. Their first order of business? Skimpy bunny suits... and carrots, naturally.

Right off the bat, you probably noticed that Kottentail was not a "serious" horror flick. It is a horror-comedy hybrid that is ninety-five percent "comedy", but the good thing about this film is that it is actually very funny. Sure, there are laughs to be had at how cheesy the entire concept is, and yes, watching some of the low-budget tricks that the filmmakers employed was pretty humorous, but the real fun of the flick lays in the script. This is a well-written movie, believe it or not, and most of the laughs come at the intended spots. There are some great conversations in here and plenty of witty one-liners, and there was more than one spot where I was literally laughing out loud.

Assisting the humor is the fact that the gals actually do a fairly decent job in the acting department. Now, I have to say that none of them are "great" actresses (they weren't horrible either), but they were very obviously having fun with this script and it shows. This results in quite a few scenes that bring more laughs than they probably should have. For the guys in the audience, it certainly doesn't hurt that all five of them were attractive in their own ways, and it certainly doesn't hurt that most of them get naked at some point in the movie or at least damned close to it.

Honestly, the only negative thing that I can say about the film is that it suffers from what I like to call "turn down the damned score" syndrome. The filmmakers whipped up an honest-to-goodness score for the flick, and while it isn't bad by any means, it plays over top of the dialogue from time to time and drowns it out in the process. In a cheesy comedy flick that relies on the jokes, drowning out the actors while they are trying to deliver their lines is not something that you want to do, but it happens more than once here.

Overall, Kottentail is a horror-comedy flick that actually brings the laughs, and for that, I have to give it a thumbs up. There are tons of laughs, there's a sprinkling of gore, the bunny-man suit doesn't look half bad, and there's plenty of eye-candy for the gentlemen out there. Really, what else do you need to celebrate a holiday? 8/10.
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