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Arachnophobia Arachnophobia (1990)
A large spider from the jungles of South America is accidentally transported in a crate with a dead body to America where it mates with a local spider. Soon after, the residents of a small...


Eight Legged Freaks Eight Legged Freaks (2002)
The residents of a rural mining town discover that an unfortunate chemical spill has caused hundreds of little spiders to mutate overnight to the size of SUVs. It's then up to mining engineer Chris...


The Bad Guys The Bad Guys (2022)
After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull...


Big Ass Spider! Big Ass Spider! (2013)
A giant alien spider escapes from a military lab and rampages the city of Los Angeles. When a massive military strike fails, it is up to a team of scientists and one clever exterminator to kill the...


Sting Sting (2024)
After raising an unnervingly talented spider in secret, 12-year-old Charlotte must face the facts about her pet-and fight for her family's survival-when the once-charming creature rapidly...


Kingdom Of The Spiders Kingdom Of The Spiders (1977)
Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets...


Itsy Bitsy Itsy Bitsy (2019)
Kara, a private nurse and single mother, moves from the big city to the quiet countryside with her two children, 13-year-old Jesse and 8-year-old Cambria, to live with and take care of an elderly...


Lavalantula Lavalantula (2015)
After a dormant volcano erupts miles outside of Los Angeles, something within the molten hot lava is awakened. Birthed from the bowels of the earth itself, arachnid-like creatures with an...


Arachnid Arachnid (2001)
A scientific expedition investigating the outbreak of an unknown viral epidemic on an island in the south Pacific battles with a giant alien spider in the jungle.


Camel Spiders Camel Spiders (2011)
Based on actual creatures that for years have tormented United States armed forces in the Middle East, these creatures have now invaded the southwestern deserts of the United States. The Camel...


2 Lava 2 Lantula 2 Lava 2 Lantula (2016)
Steve Guttenberg is back as arrogant action star Colton West, slayer of lava-spewing spiders and savior of Los Angeles. But when Colton's stepdaughter is trapped in Miami by a bigger, meaner wave...


Monster Island Monster Island (2004)
Mutant radioactive bugs attack VJs, Carmen Electra and an island full of MTV contest winners in this tongue-in-cheek tribute to B-movies, monster flicks and even MTV. MTV Original Movies presents...


In The Spider's Web In The Spider's Web (2007)
In this creepy-crawly entry into the "Maneater Series," a venomous spider that's worshiped as a god by the local tribes bites a backpacker making her way through the jungles of India. On the last...


Arachnia Arachnia (2003)
When a small research plane carrying a group of science students and their professor crash-lands in the middle of nowhere, the survivors go to a nearby farmhouse to look for help but soon find...


Billy The Exterminator: Season 1 Billy The Exterminator: Season 1 (2009)
The swampy state of Louisiana offers plenty of business opportunities for Vexcon, the family-run pest-control firm headed by Billy Bretherton. Oh, sure, there are other exterminators in the Pelican...


Billy The Exterminator: Season 2 Billy The Exterminator: Season 2 (2010)
The swampy state of Louisiana offers plenty of business opportunities for Vexcon, the family-run pest-control firm headed by Billy Bretherton. Oh, sure, there are other exterminators in the Pelican...


The Spider Labyrinth The Spider Labyrinth (1988)
Alan Whitmore, a young American researcher, goes to Budapest to visit Professor Roth, with whom he collaborated on a secret project called "Intextus". Arrived in the Hungarian capital, Alan finds...


Bite Me! Bite Me! (2004)
When a hybrid strain of bio-engineered marijuana is delivered to a secluded strip club, it brings with it a monstrous army of insect creatures and a renegade U.S. federal agent with a big chip on...


Arachnicide Arachnicide (2014)
After years of experimenting, a researcher succeeds in creating an incubator that accelerates plant and animal growth. This technology is controlled by a powerful criminal organization and is being...


Arachnado Arachnado (2020)
When a freak cyclone swamps Los Angeles, millions of poisonous spiders terrorize the city.


Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets Ebola Rex vs. Murder Hornets (2021)
The diseased Dinosaur battles to the death with the Murder Hornets during a zombie outbreak that is hit by several "firenados" containing flaming spiders.


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