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The Wacky World Of X-Rated Bloopers The Wacky World Of X-Rated Bloopers (1989)
Enclosed you will find GVC's new Bloopers tape culled from 100's of hours of raw footage and over 50 different features. 69 of the biggest adult stars caught by the camera as you've never seen them...


George W. Bushisms George W. Bushisms (2004)
From the "George W. Bush Dictionary" entries to the Top Ten Bushisms roundup, this DVD covers some of the more memorable malaprops from George W. Bush. Includes the actual video clips, audio clips,...


America's Sickest Home Videos America's Sickest Home Videos (2011)
You've seen those other home video shows. Now get ready for some bizarre, sick and twisted home videos - The kind of stuff you'd NEVER see on primetime TV What these folks do in front of the camera...


America's Sickest Home Videos 2 America's Sickest Home Videos 2 (2011)
More bizarre, sick and twisted videos that you'll never see on prime time TV. What people do in front of the camera will make you shocked, and you will laugh, cry, and eventually puke.


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