Redneck Zombies (1989)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 56%
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In the backwoods of America live a very special kind of people: Friendly, decent, hard-working dirt farmers. When they accidentally drink a barrel of nuclear waste, they turn into tobacco-chewing, flesh eating, cannibal kinfolk from hell. Meanwhile, seven sophisticated city slickers on vacation get lost in the woods and encounter a nightmare world of these illiterate and extremely insensitive undead. While the tourists hikers use all their wits and courage to stay alive, more and more 'down-home' types imbibe the nasty brew until Redneck Zombies are everywhere. What started as a scenic nature hike turns into a bloodbath of dismemberment and cannibalism. --IMDb
Review by Christopher
Added: February 19, 2004
For a movie shot entirely on a VHS video recorder and with a name like Redneck Zombies, you'd expect a gigantic B movie with bad acting, lame effects, horrible soundtrack and everything else that accompanies an independent film. Expect all that and more in the best camp related horror movie to date. Released in 1987 by first time director Pericles Lewnes, Redneck Zombies is chock full with a combination some of the best quotes and gore scenes to grace a movie shelf. Spoon gouged eyes, a squashed pig, shotgun blasts, a zombie autopsy and plenty more for any gore hound.

Onward to possibly the best combination of cast characters ever. The teenage group with their horny camp guide. The army crew with your tokin' black bro, muscle bound goof, queer as folk gay man, and the hard ass Sergeant. The drug selling Tobacco Man. And not to mention every type of hillbilly man, woman, and child you could possibly think of. Considering how most of these people would act in real life, they played their rolls quite well... even though a few of them stuttered through their lines.

The entire length of the movie should keep you on the edge of your seat. Waiting for the next gruesome death, hilarious quote, the popular mess ups, or even the excellent parodies. Unless you're obsessed with big budget zombie flicks that have the most expensive CGI scenes and blondes with big tits, this movie is a definite pick up 'cause Redneck Zombies have none of that.

Rating: 10/10
Review by Chad
Added: May 29, 2004
An army grunt is transporting some radioactive chemical waste through hillbilly country, when the driver of the truck burns his hand on the joint he was smoking and runs off the road. In doing so, the barrel of chemical waste falls out of the back of his truck, rolling down a hill. The grunt goes to retrieve it, but meets up with the business end of a shotgun when a local redneck decides he'd like to keep this barrel for himself. One thing leads to another, and the barrel gets turned into a still, used for making moonshine for all the local rednecks. However, whenever any of these backwoods hicks drink some of it, they turn into flesh-eating zombies. Bad news for the group of campers that decided this would be a good area to camp in.

As Binary mentions in his review of this film, this movie does indeed have the bad acting, lame effects, and horrible soundtrack going for it... but it works out so wonderfully in the end, you tend to overlook all of that. After the basic storyline is set into motion, it's just one death / one-liner / hilarious scene after another. You can tell that while most of the people cast in this movie had little or no acting experience, they definitely wanted to make a good movie, and at that, they succeeded.

There's quite the large number of classic scenes going on here. There's the zombie autopsy, performed by a guy who's extremely high on acid, which results in him seeing various objects inside the body instead of the normal guts and bodily organs. Then there's the fat redneck zombie who decides to make sweet love to one of the female campers instead of eating her, only to be disposed of with a corncob through the eye. There's even some tributes to some of the horror classics, such as the hitchhiker from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and the gut-ripping / eating scene from "Day Of The Dead."

If you're expecting the usual zombie film that attempts to scare the viewer or make some sort of statement about the times, you might as well pass right over this one. This is much more of a comedy than a horror, something along the lines of "Dead Alive" but with even more comedy thrown in. And while the effects and gore wouldn't hold up to any of the other movies mentioned in this review, you'll forget all about that because you'll be laughing too hard to care.

10/10, no questions. Worth a rental if you're not turned off by "bad acting, lame effects, and a horrible soundtrack", because even with that going on, it's still a classic. Oh, and did I mention that the movie was filmed only twenty minutes from my current place of residence? Yes indeed, it sure was.
Ross #1: Ross - added 08/07/2004, 04:05 AM
hell yeah. This movie fits in the "so bad, it's good" category.
KaOTiK #2: KaOTiK - added 02/08/2005, 08:43 AM
so true, its so cheesy it's absolutely hilarious
grain of sand #3: grain of sand - added 01/11/2007, 02:49 AM
underarm deodorant? priceless
chicks on tv? priceless
I rented this when I was a freshmen at the local video city, hilarious
Shakes #4: Shakes - added 01/22/2009, 12:15 PM
haha yea I agree with these posts. 10/10 for what its worth.. please see this movie if you haven;t!!!
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