Spookies (1986)

Blu-Ray Cover (Vinegar Syndrome)
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After their car breaks down, a group of travelers find themselves stranded in a remote part of New England. After taking shelter in a spooky old mansion, complete with a graveyard, they discover a ouija board and decide to spend the night attempting to summon some spirits. But the group soon learns that playing with the forces of black magic isn't fun and games, and it's not long before they're head-to-head with all sorts of demonic creatures, shape shifters, and other forms of evil, all of whom are more than happy to pick them off in the most gruesome of ways. --Amazon
Review by Christopher
Added: January 15, 2005
Billy is unknowingly being followed by a demon while walking through the woods, after leaving him because of his parents forgetting his fourteenth birthday. He eventually gets mauled by the demon. Next we're introduced to the main set of characters. Four couples in which live up to their own stereotype. The mature acting couple, the couple of rebels, the normal couple, and the funny couple. They stumble upon what seems to be an abandon mansion after getting lost while looking for a party to attend. During their own private party they decided to start up, one of them comes across a unique ouija board and an odd looking pointer to accompany it. When one of the ladies starts asking questions, it begins to show the owner of the house, Kreon, answering them in another room.

Kreon needs the souls of these people to bring alive his mistress Isabelle. Which seems to be dead, though perfectly preserved at a very young age. When things start to get spooky around the house, the couples decide to take off. When they get outside, the dead start coming back to life. Of course this mansion was built on a graveyard, it would only make sense. The couples would now have to fend for their lives while they battle a numerous amount of creatures. Such as a gypsy that turns into a giant spider, mud people living in the wine cellar, the already mentioned living dead, and many others.

Every different monster in this film was perfectly designed. By far one of the top five films with the best looking monster costumes. Even the living dead looked original, which has always been a hard task to pull off. Only one thing that struck me as ridiculous with the monsters was the mud people. They all looked good and had a good presence to them, but there was fart sounds coming from them from the time they came out of the ground in the wine cellar to the time they were destroyed. I'm not sure if it was suppose to be the sound of the ground creaking, maybe mud falling from them, or just a different direction to take monsters to instead of having them moan. Either way, it was terrible. It literally sounded like a few guys got piss drunk and headed into a recording studio and just started passing gas and recording it.

A decent amount of scenes had people bleeding in them, which was pulled off nicely. Both the scars and blood mixed real well. The special effects were that of your average budget horror movie from that period in time. Nothing to compliment, definitely nothing to praise either. The acting faded in and out though out the entire film. One scene that proved that was when three of the people ran into one of their possessed friends. The guy was ready to work into the possessed with an old axe. Really into it, then the possessed zapped the axe out of his hand and all of a sudden they look like their mesmerized as they float over to the possessed, not movie a muscle or showing any emotion. Then when the possessed start talking to the, they are all back in angry mode and ready to break into a fight.

Lastly, the ever so common running away scene. When Isabelle is brought back to life, she ditches out of the mansion and begins running away from the tons of living dead that are chasing. She's in a large landscape area with tons of trees, with no sort of apparel on her feet. Does she hurt herself in anyway due to such poor footwear? Of course not. This seriously has seemed to carry on from the very first horror film (which ever that may be) to all of the ones of the present (even though this one is a bit old). All the money that's spent on effects, costumes, scenery, and whatever else, you'd think they'd be able to dish out a few dollars for a pair of cheap shoes. It really doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, but when it's happened in what seems like the last hundred horror films I watched, it gets quite mind numbing.

This is a horror film that the whole family can watch and enjoy. The kids will have soft nightmares, the woman will grab your arm here and there, and the males will get to see a female run around bra-less for over an hour in a very revealing shirt. Plus you get to see some monster violence, explosions, bloody wounds and a fist fight between a couple of the non-dead fellows.

Final Conclusion: 6/10
Chad #1: Chad - added 03/26/2008, 11:27 AM
In the words of the almighty Duke (Nick Gionta, best known for his forgettable role in Street Trash), "This is stupid." Yeah, this movie is stupid, but it's so campy that you can't help but love it. The farting mudmen had me in stitches and as mentioned, the monsters looked damned good. Why is this not on DVD? 7/10.
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