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Location: US United States
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Registered: July 6, 2008 at 6:42pm
Last Online: June 4, 2009 at 10:27am
I am a singer/songwriter/poet/guitarist from Nashville, TN. Been an avid film geek by whole life. I plan to be a filmmaker in the near future with influences ranging from Lloyd Kaufman to John Carpenter to Cronenberg and then some....Contact me if you give a damn, which you probaly don't. :)
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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
When the notorious Diaper Mafia take hostage the Tromaville School for the Very Special, only the Toxic Avenger and his morbidly obese sidekick Lardass can save Tromaville. However, an explosion results in some unforeseeable...
The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes
A family going to California accidentally goes through an Air Testing range closed to the public. They crash and are stranded in a desert. They are being stalked by a group of people, which have not emerged into modern times.
The People Under The Stairs The People Under The Stairs
Almost Perfect
Two adults and a juvenile break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen children. There, they must fight for their lives.
The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2 The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2
A group of bikers, which includes some of the survivors from the original film, embark on a journey by bus to a biker race near the desert of the infamous incidents. However, because of a mistake they are late and decide to...
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RoboCop RoboCop
In a violent, near-apocalyptic Detroit, evil corporation Omni Consumer Products wins a contract from the city government to privatize the police force. To test their crime-eradicating cyborgs, the company leads street cop Alex Murphy into an armed confrontation with crime lord...
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Raoul Duke and his attorney Dr. Gonzo drive a red convertible across the Mojave desert to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of drugs to cover a motorcycle race. As their consumption of drugs increases at an alarming rate, the stoned duo trash their hotel room and fear legal...
Basket Case Basket Case
Charming country bumpkin Duane Bradley takes a motel room in New York with a basket and a backpack. In a flashback sequence we learn the basket contains his surgically removed Siamese twin - who is not only so physically deformed the doctors hesitated to consider him a human, but...
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