True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Hell Of Love > Credits and Details
Directed by
Ky Ohara Ky Ohara
Written by
Fumio Knami Fumio Knami
Mikio Matsushita Mikio Matsushita
Hitomi Kozue Hitomi Kozue ... Mayumi Hj
Yuri Yamashina Yuri Yamashina ... Fumiko Kusakabe
Hiroshi Ch Hiroshi Ch ... Prison warden Takioka
Hisashi Kawamura Hisashi Kawamura ... Jir Misaki
Rei Minami Rei Minami ... Kaoru Kagawa
Yuki Minami Yuki Minami ... Kazuko Ninomiya
Asuka Miyazaki Asuka Miyazaki ... Rumi Hamada
Ken Mizoguchi Ken Mizoguchi ... Prison guard Sugimoto
Naomi Oka Naomi Oka ... Yoshie no
Kyko Sahara Kyko Sahara ... Sahara, Kyko
Hajime Tanimoto Hajime Tanimoto ... Noboru Motoki
Produced by
Yoshiyuki Kaino Yoshiyuki Kaino
Kji Okumura Kji Okumura
Original Music by
Downtown Boogie Woogie Band Downtown Boogie Woogie Band
Additional Info
Premiere: January 24, 1976
DVD Release: April 13, 2021
Country: Japan
Distributor: Impulse Pictures
Websites: IMDb
Alternate Titles
> New True Story Of A Woman Condemned To Hell
> Shin Jitsuroku Onna Kanbetsusho: Rengoku
Production Companies
  (1976) (Japan) (theatrical)
Geiselgasteig Film
  (1985) (West Germany) (VHS)
Geneon Entertainment
  (2006) (Japan) (DVD)
  (2006) (Japan) (DVD)
  (2009) (Austria) (DVD)
Rating Stats
Overall Rating 5.4 / 10
Our Rating -- / 10
Your Friends -- / 10
Male Users -- / 10
Female Users -- / 10
Site Ranking #14,049 / 20,698
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