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Flower And Snake Flower And Snake (1974)
The elderly Senzô Tôyama orders his employee, Makoto Katagiri, to kidnap and train his wife Shizuko in order to break her pride so that she will submit to his desires.


Sexcula Sexcula (1974)
Sexcula is a skin flick of legendary lost status. Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, it was screened once before disappearing and sought after by cult aficionados for decades. Now, Impulse Pictures is proud to bring you the world premiere of Sexcula. Sex film fans can...


Fairy In A Cage Fairy In A Cage (1977)
During World War II, the tyrannical Judge Murayama uses his military power to imprison and torture innocent people. Suspected of helping an anti-government movement, the lovely Namiji Kikushima is captured, along with a local kabuki actor. Helpless and unable to escape, the...


Lolita: Vibrator Torture Lolita: Vibrator Torture (1987)
A depraved killer kidnaps schoolgirls and takes them to an abandoned freight container decorated with black and white images of his previous victims. He covers his captives with paint and shaving cream then violates, tortures and brutally murders them. The killer's life is...


Assault! 13th Hour Assault! 13th Hour (1977)
A serial rapist takes on a young protégé to his craft as he is pursued by a homosexual gang seeking vengeance for an attack on their leader.


Female Teacher: In Front Of The Students Female Teacher: In Front Of The Students (1982)
The lovely Reiko has taken a new teaching job at a creepy old high school. She is an extremely attractive woman and the young students in her class have fallen for her. One night, after tennis practice, she is brutally assaulted in the locker room shower by a man with a...


Justine & Juliette Justine & Juliette (1975)
Justine and Juliette are two orphan sisters and they are as different as it's possible to be. They have nothing in common except their beauty. They are evicted by their cruel aunt. They hitchhike to Stockholm, where they each start to lead their own life. The worldly...


Story Of White Coat: Indecent Acts Story Of White Coat: Indecent Acts (1984)
Shinobu, a pretty nurse--who is still a virgin--works at a local hospital. Junior, a patient who is recovering from alcohol poisoning, sets his sights on Shinobu. He also happens to be the son of a major financial backer of the hospital, and is used to "getting his way" with...


Sex Hunter Sex Hunter (1980)
A beautiful young ballet dancer is accepted into a prestigious and exclusive dance academy. Overjoyed at the opportunity to further her career and repair her relationship with her boyfriend, she soon discovers that the academy has a dark side to it--and she may not be able...


Nun's Diary: Confession Nun's Diary: Confession (1979)
After being brutally raped, a young woman attempts to commit suicide. A priest talks her out of it and she decides to become a nun. Once inside the convent, she is again a victim of sexual abuse.


Zoom In: Rape Apartments Zoom In: Rape Apartments (1980)
Saeko, a somewhat enigmatic young woman, is brutally beaten with a rock and raped by a man wearing a dark-colored mask and black gloves. She eventually recovers, but not long afterwards a series of horrific murders begins occurring in the apartment building she lives in....


Zoom Up: Rape Site Zoom Up: Rape Site (1979)
A young couple, meeting for a tryst at the site of a brutal rape/murder, witness another murder and have to decide whether to turn the killer in.


True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell (1975)
A group of juvenile delinquents are transferred to a new prison, where the corrupt staff takes advantage of the vulnerable inmates, and fight for dominance and backstabbing is the inmates' only way to survive.


Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice (1985)
A young virgin is captured by an abnormal couple. The girl is kept locked in a wooden box, and subjected to sexual torture and abuse. Loosely inspired by the real-life case of Colleen Stan.


Woman In A Box 2 Woman In A Box 2 (1988)
The manager of a ski resort kidnaps women, subjects them to various forms of sexual degradation and keeps his victims in a wooden box in the basement.


Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon (1981)
A teacher, Sakiko Kurata, receives a phone call regarding one of her former students. Young Sueko is accused of being a prostitute and has requested Sakiko's help. This minx seduces random strangers for sex, but does not ask for payment. Sakiko has moved to another town and...


Women In Heat Behind Bars Women In Heat Behind Bars (1987)
Shinobu Himeno is arrested and thrown into Asahi Female Prison for being an unwilling accomplice in a jewelry store robbery. She's to serve her sentence in the infamous Cell Block 21, a dismal area full of tough, sex-starved women. Himeno is bullied and abused by inmates and...


Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl (1981)
After a young woman is viciously assaulted in an abandoned factory building, her attacker runs off, leaving a roll of money. Several years pass, and a photographer who specializes in shooting "schoolgirl panty" photos for the adult entertainment industry meets a sexy but...


Nympho Diver: G-String Festival Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981)
A village that was once a magnet for tourists to go skin-diving has fallen on hard times, and so the mayor's son gets the idea to hire a bevy of beautiful women as diving instructors in order to lure back the tourists.


True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Continues True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Continues (1975)
"Jealous" man-killer Mayumi is sent back into solitary confinement after being re-arrested for the murder of the doctor who fingered her for a botched surgery. After emerging from solitary confinement to find an all-new gang of bullies picking on a meek, young female...


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