Amateur Porn Star Killer (2006)

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The unofficial story of a killer who kidnaps and kills three girls is told through the tale of his last victim, 'Amateur Porn Star Killer' is about a girl he picks up on the street and convinces to go back to his hotel room. The girl is shy, unnerved, and yet unable to take herself out of a bad situation. The killer is a guy who seems at first nothing more than your standard, 18 year old pervert with a penchant for filming his sexual escapades. An unsettling darkness descends. --TMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: June 16, 2006
The term "snuff film" first originated in the early 1970's. Also known as "white heat" and "the real thing." In 1975, the FBI investigated rumors of snuff in America. For the past 30 years, thousands of people have claimed that they've seen an actual snuff film. To this day it remains an "urban legend."

The above piece of text is what opens the film, and it sets the stage perfectly for what is to come. This is, for all intents and purposes, not a movie by any normal sense of the word; sure, there is an actor and an actress, but there is no straight-forward plot and there sure isn't a happy ending to be found. The movie begins as leading man Brandon (director Shane Ryan) picks up a young lady who, as she claims, was waiting for her mother to pick her up. Brandon asks her if she'd like to take a ride with him, and she willingly agrees. The two introduce themselves to one another, and we learn that this lady is named Stacy (Michiko Jimenez)... and we also learn that Brandon wants to take her back to his place. "His place" turns out to be a hotel room, and this room is where the remainder of the film takes place. We watch as the on-screen events turn from friendly chit-chat to not-so-subtle hints that Brandon wants "a little something" from this thirteen-year-old lady, and it all ends with... well, the movie isn't called Amateur Porn Star Killer for nothing.

Now, as I mentioned, this is not a straight-forward horror movie... it's really not even horror in the typical sense of the genre, but there's really no better word to describe what takes place over the course of this seventy-minute feature. The entire movie is shown through a handheld camera that Brandon brought along with him, with the exception of the few times that he sits it down on a table to free up his hands. This is not one of those films where, although it's supposedly "amateur footage", the picture is crystal clear and the film is easy to watch - this truly looks like an average Joe picked up a midrange video camera and recorded his evening in a cheap hotel room. Normally, this style of movie-making wouldn't work for yours truly; however, given the premise of the release (that being that you're watching a "real" snuff film), it works... and it ends up making the movie seem all too real.

Yes, this movie seems very real, and had someone sent me a copy of it with no sort of information or back-story, I'd be pretty convinced that it was the real thing. When you watch the interaction between Ryan and Jimenez, you don't see an actor and an actress playing parts in a movie: it really looks like you're watching two people in a room having a conversation. There are awkward pauses, they stutter every once in a while, and the conversation is very natural... and when I say "natural", I mean that it sounds like two normal people having a real conversation, not a well-trained actor playing a part. Once again, this lends to the credibility of the premise, and it truly makes you believe that maybe, just maybe, this is not merely a movie.

Do not judge this movie by the title and expect to see nothing more than some cheap T&A shots. Sure, there is some skin to be found, but this is the furthest thing from an erotic film that you will find; when the clothing comes off, the home audience is made to feel dirty just for watching (the fact that the character is supposedly, and really looks to be, thirteen certainly doesn't help in that regard). What you can expect to see from this film is a vile piece of cinema that will make your skin crawl, and not due to graphic violence or extreme bloodshed; while there is a small amount of violence to be found towards the end, the worst thing about this film is the way that Brandon tears apart this poor girl's defenses and has his way with her. When you figure in that everything feels so goddamned real, you have a film that will haunt you for quite some time. 8/10.
lostth0ught #1: lostth0ught - added May 20, 2007 at 1:09am
That was the most deranged movie I have ever seen. My copy didn't come with a condom, though. As I was watching it, it wasn't emotional, I didn't really feel anything for her, mainly because my mind kept telling me she's not really 13, but a couple hours after it was over, I was still thinking about the movie and I started to feel horribly. It's already been a day and I can still see the expression in her eyes and her face as she realizes what she's gotten herself into. It was an amazing movie. Thanks for the recommendation.
grain of sand #2: grain of sand - added November 5, 2007 at 5:50pm
all you can really say about this movie is 'holy shit..' and then try to go about your day or night.

this beats everything I've seen in this 'genre' from guinea pig to august underground to the shit that hostel is.. because this one has feeling. it actually feels real, and that's something none of the others have acheived with me.

while its certainly not for everyone (I don't know anyone that would watch this with me) this is the first movie of this sort to actually make me feel something rather than being stoked to see some great gore. this is pretty damn disturbing, ESPECIALLY if you have a daughter or sister of close age..

Chad #3: Chad - added November 6, 2007 at 3:16am
Don't quote me on this as it's been quite a while and I can't double-check (I have the original cut on VHS, but my VCR is long-since dead), but I think they added a lot of new music into the final cut of the film. I really didn't like that too much as I felt it took away from the realism, but watching it again tonight, I still think that it's a fucking creepy movie.
Tristan #4: Tristan - added November 7, 2007 at 11:57pm
This movie was so effective because while watching it, you can believe that it's happening. And if you can believe that, then it's very plausible this kind of shit happens a lot more often than we would like to think about. While this was a very creepy, and frankly, quite the disgusting movie, I really enjoyed it. A real eye opener. Only thing it doesn't have going for it is replay value. I've seen it twice, and that'll probably do me for the next year or two. 8/10
billie #5: billie - added March 17, 2008 at 9:20pm
I totally agree with MvMMDI. Having the music in the background took away from it seeming very real. I think that if Shane Ryan really wanted to get the realism across he would've done something like have music playing in the background of the room as if he put the music on when they walked in to set the mood. BUT even so the music that was chosen for the film was very emotional and very original. The music had an eerie feel to it so I think all in all even after you get past the music taking away from it, the movie was fucking grade A. It was absolutely amazing and even though no girl would ever want to find herself in that situation, Shane Ryan still made the situation seem absolutely beautiful(with the help of the music!!!! tehehe)
billie #6: billie - added March 18, 2008 at 9:11pm
now you see this cover makes way more sense
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