Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter (2009)

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An up-and-coming actress is picked up off the streets by a young serial killer, and a night that appears to begin with a good Samaritan's act quickly turns into a game of cat-and-mouse in a field. --TMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: January 12, 2009
It's sort of telling when a movie like Amateur Porn Star Killer gets made and picked up for a wide release, but it's also sort of telling that people like me keep picking them up and watching them... and in most cases, enjoying them. It just goes to show that whether we'll admit it to ourselves or not, we live in a society where we want to know what it's like to humiliate, rape, and murder someone. How else can one explain the first film becoming so successful that not one but two sequels were created (all of which got picked up by a major distributor), and what other reason can you come up with to rationalize the upcoming 3D entry in this series? Yes, this is a topic that people want to see and experience, and thus, we find ourselves with the purported "final" chapter in the trilogy. We all know how much the word "final" means in the world of horror - just ask Freddy and Jason - but that is beside the point: this is simply another tale of Brandon's exploits across America and the victims that he makes suffer for our pleasure.

Continuing the trend of the previous two films, there's really nothing here in the way of deep storyline. Brandon (writer / director Shane Ryan) notices a young lady (real-life porn star Regan Reece) sitting at a bus stop one brisk winter night, and he asks her if she wants a ride. She accepts his offer, and we soon learn that she is a young actress who has been called off the set of her latest film to tend to a family emergency back home. It seems as though her brother got into a car accident and is in pretty bad shape at the hospital, and just to add a little more urgency to the situation, his two young sons are home alone waiting for a family member to come stay with them. Of course, Brandon doesn't have much of a conscience, and he decides to take a "shortcut" down a deserted road, and there... well, again, it's called Amateur Porn Star Killer, so you do the math.

Truth be told, I could copy and paste my review for either of the two previous films and not have to edit much if anything at all. This is the same type of material that we saw in both of those films, it's just as good / bad as it was there, and if you enjoyed either of those releases, you'll enjoy this one. I will say this though: unlike a lot of long-running series in the horror universe, this one doesn't seem to be going down in quality as the sequels pile up.

One thing that certainly hasn't changed a bit is the way that we are introduced to a fresh-faced young lady, get a little bit of time to empathize with her, and then watch as her tormentor mentally and physically breaks her down in the way that only our good friend Brandon can. In most horror movies, we can watch a blonde bimbo get stabbed repeatedly with a butcher knife and cheer the serial killer on; here, just watching the little lady break down into tears is infinitely more effective thanks to the realism of the entire situation. It's not a film that you're going to watch to lift your spirits or to restore your faith in mankind, but if you want to feel dirtier for having watched this sort of thing, Shane Ryan has you covered once again.

As has been the case with the previous films, that "realism" thing is the key selling point. The entire film takes place in Brandon's car, and save for the basically-unrelated introduction to the film, it only involves the two main characters. They chat about making movies, how the Internet is affecting said movies, Brandon's disgust in DVD navigation menus, and of course, the woman's problems back home. The conversation never feels forced and it never comes across as two actors reading from a script: they both fumble over their words from time to time, they ask one another to repeat what they said, they misunderstand one another, and again, it feels like a genuine conversation between two strangers. However, the idle chit-chat will soon be cut short once our serial-killing star makes his intentions clear, and again, it all feels very real, almost as if you were in the back seat watching this man toy with his latest victim before finishing her off.

Although I'm sure that there were some slick editing techniques employed to achieve this goal, the film appears to be one long take from beginning to end. You won't find multiple camera angles or back-and-forth cuts: what you see is what was recorded on the hand-held camera that Brandon carries around with him, nothing more, nothing less. When he shakes the camera a little too much while roughing up his little starlet, we lose focus on the action... but we know what's going on. When he sets it down to free up his hands, we see nothing but the car door... but again, we know full well what's going on. This style of filming isn't for everyone, but you can't deny that it makes everything seem much more real.

So, how does this one rate overall? Well, if you've seen the previous two films, you can basically apply those same feelings to this one sight unseen. It's more of the same, sure, but seeing as how I highly enjoyed the previous films, I can't say that I was hoping for radical changes when I popped this one in. If you haven't seen those two films, start with the first and work your way up to this one - sound advice for any series, sure, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the original just a little more than this one... but not by much. 9/10 sounds about right.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added January 12, 2009 at 6:46pm
I thought it was Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D.
Chad #2: Chad - added January 13, 2009 at 3:24am
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D: Inside The Head

Note a difference?
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