Child's Play 2 (1990)

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Connections: Child's Play

Andy Barclay has been placed in a foster home after the tragic events of the first film, since his mother was committed. In an attempt to save their reputation, the manufacturers of Chucky reconstruct the killer doll, to prove to the public that nothing was wrong with it in the first place. In doing so, they also bring the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray back to life. As Chucky tries to locate Andy, the body count rises. Will Andy be able to escape, or will Chucky succeed in possessing his body? --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: December 01, 2004
This sequel picks up almost directly where the original left off, and to start things off, we find out that Karen Barclay (Andy's mom from the original) has been locked up in a psychiatric ward, while Andy (again played by Alex Vincent) has been sent to a foster home. Meanwhile, Play Pals (the toy company that produces Good Guy dolls) has been getting a huge amount of negative attention due to the story of Chucky running in all the tabloids. The owner of the company decides to kill the whole story of Chucky and his deeds by gaining possession of the charred remains of the doll, rebuilding it, and showing it off... or something like that, it's never quite explained in detail. Of course, since the soul of Charles Lee Ray still inhabits this doll, all sorts of mayhem ensues in the factory where he's being rebuilt. On the other side of town, Joanne (Jenny Agutter) and Phil Simpson (Gerritt Graham) are looking to adopt a child, and Grace Poole (Grace Zabriskie), the head of the foster home, recommends Andy. Phil is a bit hesitant to adopt him due to his history, but the ladies finally convince him that it'll be alright. Turns out that these folks have adopted kids before, and has one still living there. Andy meets up with his new late teen of a sister Kyle (Christine Elise) upon arriving to his new home, and also finds a room of his own filled with toys... and among the toys is a Good Guy doll. While all of this is going on, Chucky has escaped from the factory and made his way over to Andy's new residence, where he manages to bury the real doll and replace it with himself. It doesn't take long for the murders to start up with the blame falling on Andy, but of course, nobody believes his story about a possessed doll.

I found the original entry in this series to be pretty mediocre, but this one actually came off as being the better of the first two movies. While I found the original to be a near clone of so many other similarly-styled horror films with little in the way of originality (with the obvious exception of the killer doll) as well as taking itself much too seriously, this one managed to bring the enjoyment factor up a few notches by considerably lightening the mood up, while still keeping in some nice horror touches. It seemed like Tom Holland, the director of the original, tried to place Chucky up in the same league of horror icons as a Jason or a Freddy, which obviously isn't going to happen. The director of this film, however, seemed to have a much lighter approach to things, in regards to his spicing up the script with more humor, much more inventive kills, and a faster-paced storyline. Storylines that build themselves up slowly have a place in some movies, but slasher films such as this series would be one of the foremost exceptions. Thankfully, most of the storyline was spelled out in the original, while this one assumed that you'd seen the first and immediately jumps into building up the body-count.

The acting abilities also jumped up a bit in the quality department, with Alex Vincent (Andy) having two more years of age under his belt, resulting in a better performance. There's nothing from him that would change my views on child actors in horror, but he was acceptable at least. Christine Elise (foster-sister Kyle) tended to come off as being pretty forced in her line delivery, but otherwise managed to pull out one of the better roles of the film. The star of the show, however, was Gerritt Graham (foster-father Phil). While he'll never go down in history as one of the better actors of his time, he did manage to make all of his scenes that much more enjoyable, thanks in large part to his being very believable in his role of the angry white man. An all around acceptable cast; nothing memorable, but nothing to gripe about either.

It seemingly only happens once or twice every decade, but this sequel was better than the original. If you're one of the three kids that is new to the series, you'd be better off to read my plot outline for the original and then skip right on over to this one. 7/10.
QuietMan #1: QuietMan - added 01/02/2006, 06:33 PM
Like MvMMDI said this is better then the original because it's actally scary and since the kid is older he's much less annoying. I know when i was little and saw this it scared the shit out of me (cuz i had a "my buddy doll" which looked just like Good Guys)
Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg #2: Kari Byron's Sex Cyborg - added 04/19/2007, 09:07 AM
Haha, I had the same type of doll too. I ended up going a little crazy on it one day after catching the beginning of Child's Play on television one night, which then led to me decapitating it and disposing of the evidence.
But yeah, this isn't bad at all for a sequel. I thought the end setting in the factory was pretty neat.
Tristan #3: Tristan - added 05/12/2009, 05:15 PM
Definitely better than the original. Chucky got a little more screen time in this one, and we actually got to see some of his creative murders.

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