Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)

DVD Cover (New Concorde Home Entertainment)
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Connections: Slumber Party Massacre

After a hard day of volleyball at the beach, a teen whose parents are away decides to have a slumber party with her girlfriends. Their boyfriends predictably show up to scare them, but a stranger from the beach is also seen lurking around the house. Soon the group begins experiencing an attrition problem. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: October 3, 2004
Jackie (Keely Christian) is throwing a slumber party for some of her female friends while her parents are out on vacation. Before the partying begins, they hook up with some male friends for a grueling game of volleyball at the beach. During the game, Juliette (Lulu Wilson) reveals that she invited a guy by the name of Ken (Brittain Frye) to come over to the slumber party, and all of the girls immediately soak their swimsuits as he's apparently quite the popular guy. Nearing the finale of their championship game of volleyball, a gothic weirdo (Yan Birch) shows up, sits down a bit away from them, and proceeds to constantly stare at them. One of the dorkier males in the group yells at him, calls him an orangutan, and the group decides to leave. While gathering her stuff up, Jackie accidentally drops her address-book, and the weirdo picks it up. Later, during the party, people start dying off at the hands of a power-drill wielding person in a mask. Who could it be?!

This entry in the series had nothing to do with the first two movies in the series, with the exception that the various killers in all three movies used a giant power-drill (see also: parts one and two). While the first two didn't exactly have loads in common either, it's still a bit of a disappointment when a sequel has nothing to do with the previous film, but I suppose that's to be expected with this type of film. The only real problem with the movie itself is the complete lack of originality. While it's perfectly understood that eighties (or nine months into the nineties) slashers were all similar, this one is almost a carbon copy of the original movie in the series, right down to the details. Group of girls decide to have a slumber party, get naked for one another, shower, the cat outside scares the shit out of them, creepy guy prowls around (who ends up being completely innocent), group of guys show up in order to get some tail... it was almost like watching a remake and not an original movie.

To be fair, however, this one does have everything you could want in a slasher, and since it was made right at the end of the great slashers flood, it benefits from having more modern effects and tricks to work with. These are used greatly for the most part, with some classic death scenes to be had. Personally, my favorite would be the "For Sale" sign that was jammed through a guys back, but the death-by-dildo scene is quite the close second. While the slaps and punches that were thrown were incredibly fake-looking (the killer, in one scene, missed a slap by a good foot... repeatedly), the gore that was used as the aftermath of a drill-kill were excellently done throughout, with only one or two deaths as the exception. When your body-count ends up in the double-digits, one or two is quite the good average, so it works out nicely.

On the negative side of things, some of the editing and camera techniques used here were plain awful. The slaps and punches that I mentioned above would have looked much better, had the camera been positioned just a bit to the side or a bit higher. This would have completely eliminated the hokey scenes in question, resulting in less unintentional laughs from the viewer. In the editing department, some very large mistakes were made in the continuity of the scenes. Now, I'm not normally one to point out things such as clocks displaying completely different times in different scenes, but when continuity errors are so blatantly obvious, it does need to be called out on it. In one scene, the lady takes off her brassiere while dancing around for her female friends. The breasts are flapping in the wind, all is good. The camera jumps over to one of the ladies on the couch, who is laughing and pointing. Camera goes back to the dancing girl, who is now wearing her bra again... and proceeds to take it off again. This wasn't a reshowing of the same scene, this was a completely different segment. I suppose she could have put the bra back on for two seconds, then decided to take it off again, though I seriously doubt that. Another one that bugged me, was during the drive home from the volleyball game. The girls are in a convertible, and the scene is shot from a crane point-of-view. Loads of cars behind them, high-traffic, typical California. Cut down to the ladies in the car, one speaks to the other, and we go back to the crane-shot... revealing that there's not another car for miles. Another cut to the ladies, more jibber-jabber, back to the crane... and there's a sole semi behind them. Things like this occur throughout the movie, almost to the point of leading me to believe it was intentional. If it was, it was quite the lame thing to do. If not, the editor should never work again.

Overall though, with those negatives out of the way, this was definitely an enjoyable film for fans of the genre. My final rating is a 7/10, though as always, knock off about four points if you're not a fan of eighties slashers; this one won't do anything to change your mind, though it's a worthy addition to your collection if you enjoy similar movies.
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