Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

DVD Cover (New Concorde Home Entertainment)
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Five college women buy the old Hokstedter place for their new sorority house. They got it cheap because of the bloody incidents from five years before. They decide to stay in it for the night so they can meet the movers in the morning, but begin to get the creeps when the weird neighbor Orville Ketchum starts poking around. Shortly after the women take showers and consult a Ouija board they begin experiencing an attrition problem. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: April 2, 2004
We start off with five sorority girls, who have just bought the house used in the first movie of the series. Since they just bought it, there's no power or anything, so they decide to play with a ouija board they found. Before doing such, Orville Ketchum, their creepy neighbor, shows up and explains the whole backstory about Clive Hockstatter, who (according to this movie), was responsible for all the killings five years ago. Orville leaves, and they then try to contact Clive, and they succeed. The girls then start dying off, one by one. Who's responsible for the madness?

First up, a huge gripe here. It seems as though whomever wrote this movie forgot which movie he was making a sequel to. The title of this one is "Sorority House Massacre 2", which would imply it is a sequel to "Sorority House Massacre". Indeed not. The backstory is from "Slumber Party Massacre", complete with clips from that movie and the power-drill killings; but in this movie, he uses a meat-hook instead of the drill from Slumber, or the hunting knife from the first Sorority. I thought that goof was more than a bit annoying, but I suppose it could be overlooked.

B1: Blood. The usage of blood was pretty sad; for almost every death, we see the killer grab a girl from behind, put the hook to her throat, then cutscenes to him dropping the hook into her. We don't actually see her though, only her shadow on the wall. Blood will then spray the wall, complete with (three out of four times) the clearly visible penis-shaped gun shooting the blood accidentally shown on screen. Actually, the only on-screen stabbing we see is poor Orville, who doesn't actually die; instead, he gets stabbed three times, choked out, kneed in the balls, drowned, hooked, and shot numerous times with a shotgun... and still lives. What stamina he has!

B2: Breasts. This movie gets a 10/10 in this category. I'd venture to guess that there is a muff / breast / thong / see-through t-shirt in ninety-five percent of the scenes throughout the entire movie; I have no clue how this movie made it as a regular on USA's "Up All Night" back in the day. We have the obligatory shower scenes, then each girl gets about three minutes of changing clothes time, after which they all run around in skimpy see-through lingerie. Soon after, they run out into the rain, so they're soaked and even more see-through for the rest of the film. Can't go wrong with all that.

The acting from the ladies is as to be expected, but as I said in my review for the original, you don't watch an eighties slasher for such things. However, Orville (Peter Spellos) steals the show with his scenes; this guy is a horror legend, and rightfully so. If you look past the sequel continuity errors I mentioned above, the storyline is pretty solid, although basic. They did throw in a haunting aspect, so there's some sort of variance to the typical formula, at least.

Even though I bitched enough, it was a pretty enjoyable movie. 8/10 from me, but minus about five of those points if you don't dig eighties slashers.
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