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Posted by Dametria on October 08, 2010
The House Of The Devil
The House Of The Devil I have mixed feeling on this one. I fast forwarded through the first 15 minutes, Im sorry but I CANNOT stand watching some chick walk around aimlessly for long minutes at a time while listening to her radio (and this not even being during the opening credits and all). Then when we get to the house the build up is still painfully slow, BUT I do appreciate the fact that she was doing just about everything right. No stupid ditz standing next to an open window screaming for no reason crap here...... Was that a strange noise outside? Let me get a knife from the kitchen to set next to me while Im watching tv......
The end was a pretty awesome payoff tho. Not that there was a twist or anything original but this chicks reactions were so effin sweet, SO unlike what you usually see in horror movies. I even caught myself yellin "YEAH!" at the screen a few times.
Posted by Dametria on September 20, 2010
A Serbian Film
A Serbian Film Meh, nothing new. De Sade addressed that in Juliette. I don't have the book on me at the moment but I remember one of his buddies apparently knocked up his daughters after their first period the hangs them like piniatas at 9 months pregnant, beats them till the baby pops out then has sex with the baby, male or female (in graphic detail about the sound of the pelvis breaking, etc)..... I remember him being from "a distant land" I wonder if it was Serbia.....
Posted by Dametria on May 21, 2010
The Descent: Part 2
The Descent: Part 2 Finally got to watch this one (every damn redbox around here had it checked out for over a month!) and its awesome. Yeah, its pretty much the first one all over but without all the touchy feely build up, we just wanna see these people get ripped apart. And the corpses of the other girls down there are pretty nasty (that's always fun). Not sure I liked the reworking of the creatures this time around, nothing huge but I thought they were perfect the first time around and didn't need any tweaking (and I think the guys in the suit over acted it big time).

Yeah the ending was super duper retarded. I UNDERSTOOD what they were trying to go for but....meh, unnecessary to say the least.
Posted by Dametria on July 14, 2009
Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights Dear Jesus. I finally got arround to watching this one, yeah I know its gotten nothing but bad reviews but, I thought the plot sounded interesting. Talk about a mistake. First off, was the twist really supposed to be considered a twist when the pretty much gave it to us at the begining of the movie? Second, they did that thing I freakin HATE in horror, where the camera focuses on something else in the room while a person is being killed just out of frame. Third, alot of the "injuries" the characters suffer dont seem to be fatal. Fourth, these kids were brainwashed for the entire period of there childhoods right? So much so that they remember the head Dr as their dad..... so have they never seen or heard from their families in the 20 years since theyve been back in the real world? Fith, why the hell does the killer kid want to kill them? They tried so save her ass!

But I think the single worst thing about this film was that I couldnt figure out what the hell they were doing down there in the first place as kids! I heard maybe 2 sentances about learning guilt and apparently the creepy killer girl never got the programming. THATS the reason you have all these kids brainwashed for years in the basement of a hospital?! WEAK

SPOILER: Also, the ending was downright retarded. "Oh, the only thing that will make you happy and NOT try to kill me anymore is if I commit suicide? Okey Dokey then, if thats what it takes...."
Posted by Dametria on June 03, 2009
Trailer Park Of Terror
Trailer Park Of Terror I thought it was awsome. Super cheezy teen slasher + redneck zombies = HILARIOUS. THe special effects were damn good too, I wasnt expecting too much for a low budget straigh to DVD flick but they pulled it off. Plot was shaky at best but who cares its all about the characters in this one.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
The Midnight Meat Train
The Midnight Meat Train I was LOVING this movie. Every minute of it, the creepy setting, the conspiracy, the killer, the over the top blood and gore, the hammer, fingernails and teeth, EVERYTHING.

and then they started pulling up newspaper clippings from over a hundred years ago. and I thought shit, this is gonna go straight downhill. and it did.

If they had left it with the original idea and not tried to throw in the the "twist" this would have been perfect. The last bit (altho visually pretty freakin cool) just made me roll my eyes and ruined the whole thing for me. Cant a film just let a psycho be a psycho these days?! I think Im going to watch it again and just stop it before his stupid ass girlfriend gets involved and finish the rest in my own head..... and be happy.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
Brokeback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain Single most depressing movie Ive ever seen.
SO as Im off to the theatre Im thinking Heath and Jake.... 2 sexy guys sexing each other up....HOT!!!
Sadly no, It was never hot, even the all too brief sex scene just looked rough and sloppy (and not in a sexy S&M way either). THe movie never really picked up, never got funny or romantic or ,well, good! It was just one depressing scene followed by more depression, followed by the MOST depressing ending ever. Totally sucked all the joy outa my day.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
The Gravedancers
The Gravedancers Well I saw this when it first came out and I cant remember anything about it except that the ghosts were creepy looking as all hell. Seriously, the plot was so weak that I cant recall a damn thing about it on my own. Just look for the ghost pictures (kinda a cross between pumpkinhead and the creepy priest from poulterguist 2) and youve seen the best thing this movie has to offer.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
28 Weeks Later
28 Weeks Later Ok, the plot is a bit blah. And I didnt really like ANY of the characters but for straight up Zombie mayhem and blood and guts (both of which I adore) it was pretty freakin sweet. I love the fact that when shit breaks out in England we send in the American troops to sort shit out....and when it gets out of control we wholesale slaughter em. The helecopter scene was supper duper spiffy by the way.

But everything aside I love love LOVE the first part of the movie when the guy is running to the river and zombies spill over the surrounding hills and the classic music starts playing..... gives me chills every time. Worth watching just for that and the helecopter scene.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
Seed Of Chucky
Seed Of Chucky "You got a rubber?"
"Baby.... Im ALL rubber"
I love the Chucky films. I especially love these later ones where they arent so much in it for the horror as the laughs. Yeah, dont go into this looking for a horror, its not, at all. The kills are pretty creative, the plot (altho throwing some wrenches into some gears of the earlier flicks) it pretty simplistic but it has its moments. THe end is great (Um, yeah, about those gears tho).
Oh, and Ill watch ANYTHING with Jennifer Tilly, shes the best.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV Um, yeah, no. I freakin LOVED every minute of this film. Granted Ill give money to Kaufman for just about anything but this one ALMOST rivals Tromeo and Juliet for best troma movie ever.... almost. I coudnt stop laughing thru the whole thing! Im talking gut busting, out loud, people in other rooms comming in to see what the hell is going on in here, type funny. I even named one of my pet rats "Tito the wetodded webble". And to this day when people start to annoy me I inform tham that they are giving me a tummy ache in my brain. Buckets of blood, Tits, Cock sucking, midgets, babies killing each other, retards, racist jokes, Drug use, Nazis, alternate dimensions, homos AND lesbos, a super hero named Master Bater oh and Cory Freakin FELDMAN!!...... this film has everything.
Posted by Dametria on June 02, 2009
My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine Yeah, I actually saw this one with the boyfriend on Valentines day (last day it ran in theatres arround my town) and paid the extra $3 for the glasses. Now, the movie was pretty awsome...... predictable, but awsome. The gore was great and there were some big laughs. If you like the cheezy 80s slasher genre, like I do, youll love it.
HOWEVER I could have really done without the 3-D effects. Most of the time it was just that the background seemed a little farther than the main characters, there were only like 3 scenes where stuff came into the audiance that were pretty cool but I think THOSE would look campy in a non 3-D version.
Posted by Dametria on June 10, 2008
The Strangers
The Strangers I thought this movie was horrible. It was like watching all the build up scenes in a good old fashioned slasher flick without any payoff. The whole movie was "Look out behind you....wait, nevermind. NOW look out behind you.....nope, its ok now". The "strangers" were not all that scary, they looked like high-school kids wearing masks, but you never get to see their faces so even the whole innocents gone bad angle didnt pan out. I imagine BEING in this situation would be frightening but watching others go thru it was just dull. Even the big final payoff in the end was, well, anticlimactic.

It would have been better pitched as a drama with the little suspense as a bonus. 2/10
Posted by Dametria on May 30, 2008
Inside OMG I freaking loved this one. It was just so damn brutal! The story was kinda boring but who the hell cared?! It was all about the gore......mmmmm good stuff
Posted by Dametria on May 27, 2008
Night Of The Creeps
Night Of The Creeps Weird.... I just found this on VHS at a garage sale and watched memorial day, for the first time in years.
Posted by Dametria on August 26, 2007
The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie Dear lord thank you for the bountiful PENIS!? BWAHAHAHA!!!!
Posted by Dametria on August 23, 2007
Dead Silence
Dead Silence Yeah, this movie isnt anything amazing but I will say that the makeup job on Mary Shaw was pretty freakin awsome. And some of the other closeups were equally as creepy (hello marrionette mummy boy!). So I REALLY enjoyed this movie based on visuals alone. The acting was total crap and they characters are always doing stupid crap that makes you want to yell at them thru the screen. Still tho, fully worth the price of the rental.
But I will say that I had the whole "twist ending" thing called by the end of the first scene (you know the one Im talking about)....and I was drunk off my ass on Jello shots at the time......
Posted by Dametria on August 23, 2007
Tales From The Crypt: Season 4
Tales From The Crypt: Season 4 I need to get this one just for "The New Arrival" Simply because I only saw it once (which was weird considering that I watched this show everytime it came on ANY channel). For some reason that episode NEVER seemed to come on in syndication (tho I must have seen Only Sin Deep 50 times...) and for some reason I cant even seem to find it anywhere to download! I barely remember the twist at all these days....
Posted by Dametria on August 23, 2007
Tales From The Crypt: Season 5
Tales From The Crypt: Season 5 Death of Some Salesmen was proabably one of the coolest episodes....ever. Watching Tim Curry play every member of the creepy family was amazing!
Posted by Dametria on June 22, 2007
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome So clear this up for me....Jedediah the Pilot was played by the same guy who was the Gyro Captain, and he had a kid, Jedediah Jr, that was about the same age and general look as the feral kid (played by a different kid tho). So were these supposed to BE the same characters somehow evolved within the year? Or was it some kind of a weird joke? I never really did get that bit.....
Posted by Dametria on June 22, 2007
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special Nope, I acted in it over 2 years ago but didnt even get to see a promo. I bought it just like everyone else and watched it for the first time on the 12th, and I must say that (my acting aside) I still freakin loved it. Its an awsome genre and we need more like it. Funny satire but not "scary movie" style retarded.
Posted by Dametria on June 17, 2007
Mad Max 2
Mad Max 2 This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. As many times as it comes on late night cable there seems to be an inability for me not to sit down and watch it. The characters are great, the plot is amazing, the action is INTENSE and the ending kicks ass! Ive always been a sucker for the post-apocalyptic movies but this is the one they must all be compaired to.
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
The Hole
The Hole I loved this movie. Your sooo right, I passed it up for rental a dozen times because they made the plot out to be some silly teen angst crapfest but its far from it. The characters are brilliant (and you better love them, your spending the whole movie isolated with them), and Thora Birch reminds us why she needs to be taken more seriously as an actress. The first half is kinda slow but its really gets you attached to these kids and about halfway thru the whole movie does a 180 into a mystery-thriller. Not alot of gore and a rather low body count but still very worth it.
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
Hellraiser: Inferno
Hellraiser: Inferno This was like the "Halloween 3" of the Hellraiser series......you all know what I mean
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
When A Stranger Calls
When A Stranger Calls I knew this movie was going to be bad but someone else rented it and I just borrowed before it went back. It was dredful. Weve all heard the urban legend, I think it can be told (with suspense and pacing) in about 7 minutes, this tried to make it 90. Thats 90 of the most boring ass minutes ever put on film. I, of course, wasnt willing to sit thru all that crap so I fast forwarded till something good happened......and nothing good ever happened. No gore, no horror, no suspense, no twists.
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
The Cave
The Cave It seemed to me they were trying to hollywood-ize "Decent". Except someone said, lets add some dudes for that testosterone kick, and make more than one type of creature down there......oh and WINGS!!! And lets make sure we end it the way we like things to end over here......
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
The Forgotten
The Forgotten This looked so good in the trailers, but somehow when stretched into a full length movie they managed to screw it up. Yeah, watching it I was fairly certain Id seen this movie a few times in years before. The "alternate endings" were almost the same thing but with parts left out of some. Either you get a sugar sweet happy ending, a cliffhanger, or a meh.... suppose its over now. Thin plot that tries to have a big twist ending that winds up being stupid. Surley its some strange government experiment or mental disorder or even an opening of a paranormal gateway in the universe but no its *spoiler*.......Aliens, just mucking with people for the hell of it.
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
Aliens God I LOVED this movie. I remember my big brother waking me up at 2am when I was 8 to watch this with him in the living room. I loved every minute of it then and I watched it again just a few weeks ago and its just as amazing as it ever was. I liked it even better than the original, I just wished they had STOPPED with this one. Ripley is my hero....
Posted by Dametria on June 12, 2007
The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow Meh.....It was OK I suppose. It was just so....predictable. Watch the first 10 minutes and tell me whats going to happen and who you think is going to survive. Yeah, thats right. FX are good and I LOVE disaster films but nothing amazing happens here.
Posted by Dametria on May 13, 2007
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special Just got it, watched it twice, It rocks....
Posted by Dametria on April 27, 2007
Saved! I wanted to hate this movie, I REALLY did. A pro-christian movie starring MandyMoore?! No way. I was however wrong (this one time). If you watch it with christians they think its pro them BUT if your not you can sit back and laugh at them. Stupid thing like when they sing (no matter WHAT it is) the have to look up, put at least one hand in the air, and close their eyes...even the one trying to play piano. The crazy homophobia that runs rampant is brilliant, and I love the way Jenna Malones character gives this whole monolague during the opening scene that sound like she has the mind of a brainwashed 12 year old. Macaulay Culkins character Roland is by far the most hilarious thing Ive seen in a good long while...strange thats hes standing behind rest of the cast on the cover......Basically give it a shot, just take it with a grain of salt and youll find its funny as hell
Posted by Dametria on April 27, 2007
Open Water
Open Water This is probably THE most dissappointing movie Ive ever seen. I watched it in the theatres and I couldnt help but think of Brians description of Blair witch to the blind guy, "Nothing's happening, Nothing's happening, something about a shark, Nothing's happening, its over, alot of people look pissed". There was almost ZERO action, crappy dialog, no real special effects, oh, and no scene changes. If I want to listen to a married couple bitch at eachother for 2 hours Ill go to my parents house, If I put the national geographic channel on in the background it will be just like watching 99% of this movie.
Posted by Dametria on April 27, 2007
Hard Candy
Hard Candy I was a bit bored with this one. I saw it advertised at a convention and I thought it looked like an awsome twisted thriller type movie. Its seemed like it could have been an episode of a crime drama (from the criminals side) stretched out into 2 hours. WAY too slow with an underwhelming ending but I suppose if you need to kill time....
Posted by Dametria on April 27, 2007
Motel Hell
Motel Hell this was my favorite .49 cent special at blockbuster about 12 years ago. Must have rented it at least 10 times
Posted by Dametria on April 26, 2007
Scarecrow Slayer
Scarecrow Slayer I loved the scarecrows costume....other than that a total waste of time. Its like they spent the whole budget on the one costume and just tried to build some sort of plot arround that.
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Tromeo And Juliet
Tromeo And Juliet Dude, your "review" sucks. Dont just tell everone what happens in every scene of the movie. This is the greatest film of all time. I own 5 different copies (3 VHS 2 DVD) It dosent matter what Genre you like, you need to see this movie!

BTW interesting side note....Directed by James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead) but also Sean Gunn (Sammy), is the infamous James Gunn's Little brother.
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
La Blue Girl Live 1: Revenge Of The Sex Demon King
La Blue Girl Live 1: Revenge Of The Sex Demon King God this movie was a dissappointment! A friend of mine picked it up for me at an A-Con years ago when they found out about my secret love for hentai. It tries SO hard to be LaBlue but without ANY of the good stuff! It may as well have been an eposide of Power Rangers with some titty shots thrown in.
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
The Nail Gun Massacre
The Nail Gun Massacre Heads up, theres going to be a sequel. Its going to be directed by the same people and have a big cast reunion (playing the adults / parents of new killers). HOW do I know this you may ask? Because at a horror convention I was working at I was offered a roll in it by Terry Lofton. I loved the original and was really jazzed by the idea of a PART in the new one but as anyone whos seen this one knows, just about ever female gets naked at some point. So Yeah....no
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers I saw this movie when it first came out....I was 11. I LOVED it then and I just bought it a few months ago so I could watch it again....and it still rocks
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Reservoir Dogs
Reservoir Dogs Love this movie...I have the Mr Pink edition (Yea Bucemi!)
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
The Hitcher
The Hitcher The first one sucked, the remake sucked harder...with better special effects
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Storm Of The Century
Storm Of The Century Incredably dull! Watched for HOURS waiting for something incredable to happen and nothing ever did
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master best of the series
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special
Monster Cops: The Midnight Special Im buying it in 3 days....you should too
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Slumber Party Massacre II
Slumber Party Massacre II Just sit back and laugh
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Dr. Giggles
Dr. Giggles Such a silly film, but nice and bloody....
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Creepshow 2
Creepshow 2 This was the first horror movie ever to scare me. My parents let me watch anything I wanted movie wise (except any nudity lol) and so I had seen most of the elm street, jason, halloween, ghoulies etc. films that had been released at this point but for some reason THIS was the movie that made me stop wtching horror movies for 2 years out of sheer fear! Granted I was 8 at the time.....
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
The People Under The Stairs
The People Under The Stairs Yep spot on. I love this film but I never really can describe what genre it falls into.
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Snakes On A Plane
Snakes On A Plane I KNOW its a spoof, It supposed to be funny, silly horror-ISH movie. But man I could NOT sit thru this thing! I tried twice and didnt get very far either time. Its just TOO retarded.
Posted by Dametria on April 24, 2007
Incident On And Off A Mountain Road
Incident On And Off A Mountain Road My favorite MoH film as well
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