Wildboyz: Season 2 (2004)

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Wildboyz is an American spin-off television series and follow-up to Jackass, which debuted in 2003 on MTV and moved to MTV2 in its third season. Steve-O and Chris Pontius are the stars of the show, who perform stunts and acts with animals, often putting themselves in situations for which they are not trained. They travel to different parts of the globe, performing their stunts in exotic environments while educating their audience on wildlife and local culture. --Wikipedia
Review by Chad
Added: January 26, 2012
Here we are with another season of Wildboyz, and as you can tell based on how soon I am reviewing this one after the previous season, I enjoyed the show enough to marathon through two seasons in three days. Truthfully, this season is simply more of the same material that we got from the previous, and it actually appears as though some of the footage found here was shot while shooting the episodes from the first season (the tattoo that Steve-O got in season one isn't present in some of these episodes). Still, "more of the same" is a good deal for fans of the show, myself included.

The Jackass spin-off stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they travel around the world, showing us various animals and cultures from faraway places, all while practicing their trademarked "dangerous dumb shit." This time around, they play with Komodo dragons, tease a pack of silverback gorillas, ride a couple of bulls, and yes, they stroke the penis of a black rhino. They also subject themselves to shocks from electric eels, they wear gloves filled with dangerous ants, and go fire-walking in India. Good times all around.

While I will say that the quality in this season dropped a teensy little bit, I can definitely say that I still enjoyed the hell out of it. The one thing that irked me was the fact that they smartened up and quit doing as many dangerous stunts with the animals. Now, that's not to say that there are no dangerous stunts whatsoever; nah, that thing with the gorillas was pretty stupid and highly dangerous, but in terms of overall quantity, I did notice that it went down a bit. It was smart for the boys to quit putting themselves in so much danger, but it was a disappointment for us watching at home.

Instead, there was much more focus on tamer stunts, such as playing around with animals that posed either no danger (sloths) or very little (crabs). I can't say that all of this was horrible or anything like that - I mean, watching Steve-O get clawed on the ass by a huge crab was pretty funny - but it was definitely a step down from the previous season. There is also a lot more focus put on showing various cultures from around the world, and while some of this was entertaining, other pieces sort of fell flat. For example, the segment in India goes on for way too long, and fire-walking really isn't anything spectacular these days now that the secrets have been exposed time and time again. They also show guys eating broken glass, and again, I've seen that plenty of times in other productions. I guess it might be more entertaining if this was your first time seeing it, but it was a little tedious for me.

Again, one of the good things about watching the show on DVD is that most of the censorship has been lifted. There are certain shows that remain edited even on DVD, so this was a welcome treat. These guys tend to cuss a lot, and all of the bleeping that occurred during the original runs is removed here. There is still some pixelation when they are showing off their frontal naughty bits (it's alright to show their asses though) and they also censor out some Brazilian women's boobs, but there's not much to cut out otherwise.

So yes, the overall quality did drop a little in this season, but it wasn't bad enough to turn me or any other fans off to the show. It is still entertaining and it's still hilarious, but I'm going to have to drop the overall rating down a point. 7/10.
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