Wildboyz: Season 1 (2003)

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Connections: Wildboyz

Wildboyz is an American spin-off television series and follow-up to Jackass, which debuted in 2003 on MTV and moved to MTV2 in its third season. Steve-O and Chris Pontius are the stars of the show, who perform stunts and acts with animals, often putting themselves in situations for which they are not trained. They travel to different parts of the globe, performing their stunts in exotic environments while educating their audience on wildlife and local culture. --Wikipedia
Review by Chad
Added: January 25, 2012
Netflix has decided that I would love Wildboyz since I watched Jackass 3 and The Reef recently (you liked people doing dumb shit and you liked sharks, so let's combine that together), and honestly, that was a good recommendation. I remember enjoying the show when it was first airing, and I decided to go ahead and take that recommendation and see if I still enjoyed the show today as much as I remembered enjoying it back then. Turns out, it's still a pretty fun show.

The Jackass spin-off stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they travel around the world, showing us various animals and cultures from faraway places, all while practicing their trademarked "dangerous dumb shit." They show us the great white shark before dressing up as seals and swimming with it, they show us scorpions before allowing them to sting Steve-O on the ass, and they even pet a wild jaguar. They also dress up as zebras in front of wild lions, and yes, they run nude alongside herds of ostriches and sheep. They are occasionally joined by legit wildlife expert Manny Puig when doing some of the more dangerous skits, such as swimming with wild crocodiles at night, and we basically spend the entire show wondering which stunt is going to get them mauled or killed.

To be honest, this spin-off show can be boiled down to "Jackass with animals", but I'm fine with that. I've always been a wildlife documentary geek, so watching the likes of Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin talk about and play with various wild animals is pretty fun for me. I also enjoy those Jackass kids and their disgusting brand of humor, so mixing the two together was like peanut butter and jelly in this household. You're really not going to learn much from this show, obviously, but you will get to see all sorts of wild animals (including some you've probably never heard of), and you're also going to see the cultures of some faraway lands. For example, did you know that it is customary to rub a man's feet in India to show your respect? Neither did I.

Part of the fun of watching this show was wondering just when the boys were going to get seriously hurt. I know it sounds kind of morbid, but be honest, you watch these shows for the same reasons. Now, you obviously know that they don't die in the show (the show stopped airing six years ago and they're still around), but still, they are doing some legitimately dangerous things here and there's always the very real chance that they are going to get seriously hurt. You can do all of the preparations you want: have wildlife handlers on hand, use tamed animals from a zoo, have handlers make animals do certain things, etc. However, they are still animals, and there's always the chance of things going wrong when you're trying to get a bear to eat a fish out of your ass or prompting a spitting cobra to spit deadly venom in your face.

One of the good things about watching the show on DVD is that most of the censorship has been lifted. There are certain shows that remain edited even on DVD, so this was a welcome treat. These guys tend to cuss a lot, and all of the bleeping that occurred during the original runs is removed here. There is still some pixelation when they are showing off their frontal naughty bits (it's alright to show their asses though) and they also censor out some African women's boobs, but there's not much to cut out otherwise.

Personally, I enjoyed the hell out of the show, but I can see how others may not. If you share my love of both nature documentary shows and the disgusting Jackass style of humor, you're going to enjoy this one as much as I did. If you don't enjoy either one of those elements, well, you're probably not going to enjoy the show. I do though, so I'm going with an 8/10.
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