Delicious (2008)

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Overall Rating 47%
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Scott's 3rd film of 2008 was his first shot on digital video, and it tells the story of Monte Hatfield, a man who is co-owner of a timber buying company with his friend, the money-hungry Thomas Lange. Monte harbors a dark, dangerous secret in his life: for the past 15 years, he has murdered random people and eaten them to satisfy his taste for human flesh. One night, tired of his "addiction", he asks God for help to break his habit. Taking on the guise of a chronic drinker, he is led to addiction expert Theo Willings, a former alcoholic who advises the "cold turkey" approach to curing one of bad habits. Now, with the police closing in on Monte's murder spree, Monte's got to come up with a way to change his life or suffer for the things he's done. --Official Site
Review by Chad
Added: September 19, 2008
Delicious tells the tale of a charming young fellow by the name of Monte (Wilbur Scott), a man who unfortunately has an addiction which is ruining his life. No, he's not addicted to booze, nor is it any sort of drug - Monte is addicted to the taste of human flesh. Now, not to downplay alcoholism or drug addictions, but Monte's addiction is one that is far from moral in the eyes of any God, and it's also one that can get him in a lot of trouble with the law should anyone find out about it thanks to those silly little murder laws.

After giving in to the urges and killing his swinger uncle (also played by Wilbur Scott), Monte decides that it's finally time to kick this habit to the curb once and for all, so he turns to the only place he can think of: Addicts Anonymous. However, it seems as though he waited too long to seek out help, as his uncle's swinger friends have hired a private investigator (Wilbur Scott once again) to find out what happened to their studly friend. Will Monte beat his addiction? Will the body count go up? Will the investigator put two and two together? These are the questions that will be answered as the film rolls along.

Based on the general plot and the fact that half of the cast consists of writer / director Wilbur Scott in various wigs and outfits, I think it should go without saying that Delicious is a horror comedy that leans more towards the "comedy" side of things. In fact, if it weren't for the handful of kills by way of an axe and the whole cannibalism thing, I probably wouldn't even place this in the horror genre at all. The film is more of an absurd black comedy, but with that said, the humor mostly comes to us by way of the general plot instead of single jokes, veiled references, or witty one-liners. It's an odd little beast, but for better or worse, that's how it plays out.

Herein lies one of the biggest flaws of the film: the situation is funny when you first see where it's going and there are entertaining moments when parts of the story are revealed, but it's not humorous enough to stay fresh throughout the entire running time. This problem isn't quite as bad as it could have been thanks to the scant hour-long running time, but even at just sixty minutes, I think that the film would have worked better with about ten or fifteen minutes cut out. This is not to say that the idea doesn't work or that the film is bad, but I do believe that a leaner running time would have resulted in a more effective overall film.

On the plus side, I thought that Scott did a great job with the four or five roles that he played. This was probably done in the simplest of ways: it would appear that he shot himself giving one character's side of the conversation, changed costumes, shot himself giving the other character's replies, and then edited it all together. Surprisingly, it worked - when you see the "two" people talking to one another, it never feels like you're simply watching some fancy editing. Sure, you know the two characters are played by the same guy, but it truly feels like you're watching two different people - twins, perhaps - chatting with one another. As an added bonus, Scott is actually pretty funny and makes most of the characters work better than they had any real right to.

Overall, Delicious is a decent film that could have been a great one with either a shorter running time or a little more material. It's not an awful film by any means and you'll probably enjoy it to a certain extent if the plot sounds like something you'd be interested in, but it's not the type of release that you'll find yourself watching over and over again for years to come. 5/10.
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