Dead Body Man Chronicles (2008)

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Overall Rating 51%
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Connections: Dead Body Man

If you aren't familiar with the underground b-movie sextravaganza of The Deadbody Man, then let's just get you up to date. Willie is your typical guy. He's good with power tools, frequents prostitutes and loves porn. But when he's called on by God to rid the world of filth like pimps, hookers and other social deviants, Willie takes his charge with gusto and enthusiasm. But where did it all start? In the grand tradition of the sacred 'Trilogy', "Deadbody Man Chronicles" takes a hilarious look back in this 'Prequel' to discover who Willie's mom really is, where his fascination with Chickens came from and who taught him how to dismember a body with such proficiency! It's a bizarre, irreverent and very funny finale to one of the most controversial comedy horror series ever! --IMDb
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