House Of Carnage (2006)

DVD Cover (Sub Rosa Studios)
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Overall Rating 35%
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This is the bizarre and tragically gruesome account of what happened to two young friends one summer afternoon in the rural areas of Pennsylvania. Here in these woods, they were stalked by a menacing axe-wielding maniac and his demented family. A bizarre cannibalistic clan with blood on their minds and a mission to bring demon babies into the world. Their only chance to live is to escape from the House of Carnage. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: December 7, 2006
Inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this sequel to Day of the Ax (a film that I couldn't find anywhere and hence, haven't seen) apparently picks up right where the original left off and doesn't take its time getting down to business. On a side note, it seems as though every other horror review I've written for this site recently has had the same basic "inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" statement in it somewhere, but I digress.

The storyline found here is pretty thin, so those of you looking for an intelligent horror film should probably keep looking. Basically, there's the Sorg family, a group of guys who have plans to populate the world with demons by impregnating young women with their "demon seed" so that they'll produce their horned offspring. These young women obviously aren't willing partners here, as they all have been kidnapped and beaten before being brought to this abandoned house. What follows is about an hour of bloodshed, murder, torture, screaming, and the occasional boobie-shot.

To be fair, there's a little more to the storyline than what I mentioned here. There's a news-reporter who is filming a piece for the evening news regarding the events which took place earlier today (the stuff we at home are witnessing), a survivor who discusses the incident with her therapist, and some flashbacks of the mother giving some details about the family to the police. With the exception of the mother scenes, none of these really have any purpose for being here other than to give us a brief change of scenery and to move the film along. On a side note, I really hate these films that feature a survivor telling us the details of the movie via flashbacks; how are we supposed to feel for the character when we already know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she made it out alive?

This film shares more in common with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than just the "crazy, murderous family" angle. The two main killers are almost identical to Leatherface and Chop-Top, with the exception being that the Leatherface-clone prefers a mallet to a chainsaw and a potato-sack to a mask made of skin. Neither of them lives up to the standards set by the gentlemen that they took their inspiration from, but they're still adequate in their roles once you get past the whole ripoff thing.

By this point in the review, you're probably thinking that I hated this movie. That's not entirely true, but I did find that something seemed to be missing even when compared to other generic slashers (a genre which I'm a fan of, don't get me wrong). The concept found here is solid enough regardless of the lack of originality behind it, but there's only so much bloodshed and screaming that will impress me when there's absolutely nothing else going on. The gore is excellent and the males will enjoy the ample amounts of woman-flesh (Syn DeVil is particularly hot), but a little more plot or a few twists would have worked wonders for this release.

There's lots of blood to be found here along with some neat kills, but overall, this feels like more of a demo reel for the effects than a full-fledged film. Whoever was responsible for those effects should be proud of themselves and it's obvious that director Ryan Cavalline has talent, but overall, this film just didn't do a whole lot for me. 4/10.
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