Nikos The Impaler (2003)

DVD Cover (Schnaas Film)
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Overall Rating 36%
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Connections: Violent Shit

Due to a botched robbery attempt, a ruthless Romanian barbarian is somehow resurrected in modern day New York and begins wreaking havoc on a small Manhattan art-house. Chaos ensues as the patrons of the establishment band together to fight for their lives. --IMDb
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Review by Christopher
Added: August 25, 2004
Romania - 1002 A.D., Nikos is captured after killing hundreds of towns people. Before he's murdered, he swears he will some day return to seek revenge. Present day - New York City, a class teacher informs his students about a Romanian art exhibit in downtown NYC. Later that night at the art exhibit, a handful of people showed up, along with three of the students. When a thief heads to one of the back rooms to look for valuables, a cop follows him in. They end up shooting each other, but the cop dies. When the bloody thief takes a rest on one of the boxes, it ends up being the one where Nikos mask is stored.

Bleeding on the mask makes Nikos come back to life and begin his revenge on humanity. He gets rid of most of the people who came to view the art exhibit and then makes his way through downtown NYC. He pays visit to a gym, lesbian bar, movie theater and a video store. To help him with his killings, he decides to have a few people help him out. He brings to life a succubus, a zombie, two ninjas, and if that's not enough... Adolf Hitler is reborn to join in on the fun. The two survivors from the art exhibit (two teachers, one of them being played by Felissa Rose) have to find a way to stop the group before they take over the world.

The first thirty minutes of the movie is dedicated to explaining some of the characters and showing how much of a barbarian Nikos really was. But after that, it's not stop gore. Bodies getting cut in half, heads being chopped off, torsos being ripped in half by bare hands and much more. Nikos just goes around slaughtering people for over an hour and it's fantastic. It's so hard to come across a real gore film these days. Nikos makes it happen though. As mentioned above, Felissa Rose has a big role in this film. And as usual, she does an awesome job. Any Sleepaway Camp addict or gore hound must see this film.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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