Hulk Vs. (2009)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
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Dr. Bruce Banner just cannot avoid trouble as the Hulk. In "Wolverine," Logan is sent to hunt down the Hulk who has crossed into Canadian territory. In doing so, Logan finds some dangerous former-colleagues hunting both of them down themselves for their own purposes. In "Thor," Loki brings Dr. Banner to Asgard in a scheme to exact his revenge on his half-brother, Thor, and all of the Pantheon using the Hulk. However, the Hulk slips out of his control and it will take the brothers together to find a way to save Banner and stop the Hulk from destroying Asgard. --IMDb
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Review by Crispy
Added: May 30, 2012
After catching a short CGI battle on YouTube and remembering just how much fun he was to play as in Marvel Alliance, I've been on a huge Hulk kick. The recent Avengers movie only whet this appetite even more, so I turned to Netflix to give me some more of my big, green fix.

Hulk Vs. Thor
Asgard, the ruling city of the Nine Worlds and the embodiment of peace and goodwill. Its strength comes from their all-powerful ruler, Odin. However, every Winter he hibernates, and the forces of darkness, led by Odin's own son, Loki, attack. Fortunately, Asgard's forces, led by Odin's other son, Thor, are more than up to the challenge and annually wreck Loki's assault without breaking a sweat. That's about to change though. Loki has kidnapped Dr. Bruce Banner from Earth, and has his sorceress Amora separate the good doctor from his angry, green alter ego, and then puts him under Loki's control. In this vessel, the God of Mischief has the ultimate weapon. Thor's first thought is how to get Loki out of Hulk, and the Hulk out of Asgard, but realizes quite soon after his number one priority is just surviving the vicious onslaught.

Truth be told, the story here is pretty weak. In fact, even claiming it has a story might be a stretch. Clocking in at forty-five minutes long, the beginning and end merely serve to frame Hulk beating the ever loving shit out of the citizens of Asgard. And he does it well, without Banner's subconscious to reign him in, he's pure rage personified into a massively destructive force with no direction. The end result is destruction to anything in his path. I wouldn't be surprised if some people found this approach boring, but the mindless destruction kept me entertained, especially with the dichotomy between Hulk and Banner and how much control the latter actually has on the former truly thrown into light. Also, I did love the throwback to the old '70s show at the end.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine
In the Canadian forest, Wolverine has been brought in to stop a huge, devastating force. It's leveled a small town in a single night, and has been rampaging for weeks. After a short hunt, Wolverine picks up the scent, and follows it to a frail man, crying half-naked in the woods. The hunter tries to help the man until he picks up that same scent, and begins violently harassing him for answers. We all know where this is going, and suddenly Wolverine is doing everything in his power to fend off the beast he was sent to hunt. Unfortunately, Wolverine was not the only one on the prowl.

Tell me, why can't Marvel include Wolverine in something without making him the main focus? Yeah, I know he's arguably their flagship guy, but at some point, it's OK to keep him on the secondary level. He and Hulk go at it for about ten or fifteen minutes before the fight is interrupted by the military team from the past. Always on the prowl for destructive talent, Hulk was right up their alley; finding their old pal Wolverine was just a bonus. Never mind being reduced to a secondary character, the Hulk is written completely out of the episode for the next twenty minutes as Logan faces the hatred of his former team. Hulk Vs. my ass.

With all that said, I have to admit that it's still an entertaining feature. The action doesn't slow, the fights are pretty brutal, Deadpool earns a few laughs. It's a great cartoon for Marvel fans. Still, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. After all, I popped this in because I wanted to see the Hulk; everybody already knows Logan's back story. There was no need to rehash all that and waste a feature like this. Especially since, unlike Thor, Hulk and Wolverine was actually something of an even match for each other.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a split decision. One's got an infinitely better story with very little of our green friend, whereas the other gives ample amounts of HULK SMASH! Since they're so generous, Marvel's not even asking us to make the choice. I'll go 7/10. Not a bad little combination, although I would have preferred a little more balance to the features.
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