Horrible Bosses (2011)

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Overall Rating 69%
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Connections: Horrible Bosses

Nick hates his boss, mostly because he's expected to work from before sunrise to after sunset and his boss, Mr. Harken, calls him out for being a minute late and blackmails him so he can't quit. Dale hates his boss, Dr. Julia Harris, because she makes unwelcome sexual advances when he's about to get married. But Dale is on that pesky list of child-offenders so he can't quit. Kurt actually likes his job and his boss--well, up until his boss dies and the boss's coked-out, psychopathic son takes over. But who would be crazy enough to quit their jobs in such poor economic times? Instead, Nick, Dale, and Kurt drunkenly and hypothetically discuss how to kill their bosses, and before they know it, they've hired a murder consultant to help them pull off the three deeds. --IMDb
Review by Lucid Dreams
Added: August 26, 2011
After watching the few trailers I have seen Horrible Bosses intrigued me. It had an odd cast of characters and I haven't seen anything by Seth Gordon, so I didn't know what to expect from it. Well, it was a Thursday night and I sure as hell didn't want to watch Bad Teacher, so this was my next step.

The movie focuses on three characters, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Chalie Day), and kurt (Jason Sudeikis). Nick realizes all too late that he has been working his butt off to no avail for the past couple of years for a promotion and his boss, Dave (Kevin Spacey), takes full advantage of that, while screwing him over on the promotion. Dale is a dental assistant who works for his sexually aroused boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston), and she would love nothing more to get into his pants so she decides to black mail him to get what she wants. Kurt, loves his job and the people he works with and wouldn't want it any other way, but after his boss dies, his son Bobby (Colin Farrell) takes over and turns his life into a living hell. The guys have no idea what they should do and jokingly say they should kill them, but when their evil bosses decide to push their respective envelopes, killing them seems like a pretty good option.

As for the story, it follows along the lines of Strangers on a Train, but we won't blame them for that and they actually called themselves out on it. On paper this sounds like a mediocre raunchy, dark comedy, and in a way it is. However, what saves this movie is the acting.

Yes, the acting was what really made this film for me. Most of these actors aren't what I would call the greatest and usually play the same character in every film they do, but there was some awesome chemistry in this film. Our three main characters worked very well off each other and I had some really good laughs, especially from Charlie Day. The bosses, though, were by far the best part about this movie. Kevin Spacey was my least favorite in the bunch, but that doesn't mean he played the psycho boss perfectly. The people that really stood out though were Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston. Colin usually plays the heart throb bad ass, but on here he was a balding, overweight douchebag that had no real morals what so ever. Jennifer Aniston shocks us with a raunchy character telling us that she is "a squirter."

Overall: The movie wasn't breaking any boundaries, attempting anything new or trying to win a golden statue. No, they wanted to make a few laughs and that is what I got out of this film. Granted, this wasn't the best comedy or one of my favorites, but from what I've seen in the past few months, this is one of the better ones. 7/10.
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