Hidden Floor (2006)

DVD Cover (Pathfinder Home Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 53%
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Ranked #10,264
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Connections: Four Horror Tales

Min-young, a divorced single mother moves onto the fifth floor of a new studio apartment with her six-year-old daughter, Joo-hee. She's concerned when her downstairs neighbor, HAN Chang-soo, says that he cannot tolerate the noise above him, even though the two women live tranquilly. Furthermore, she is anxious about other residents' strange behaviors, never mind the mysterious deaths. Min-young hardens herself mentally after the move into the new house, largely because of her daughter's unprecedented odd behavior and continual run-ins with a bizarre woman. Convinced that Joo-hee has fallen sick and perturbed by the mysterious events around the studio apartment, Min-young looks to disclose the truth by herself... --IMDb
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