The Curse Of February 29th (2006)

DVD Cover (Pathfinder Home Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 55%
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Connections: Four Horror Tales

Ji-yeon, a tollgate ticket girl, is frightened by a mysterious black car, which hands over a bloodstained ticket as a fee at midnight. Her fear deepens after her colleague, Jong-sook, tells her that 12 years earlier a prisoner transport vehicle caused a traffic accident wherein all the prisoners involved died - and some of the corpses disappeared. Since then, a murder has occurred near the tollgate on February 29th, every four years. Soon, odd events become increasingly frequent, usually involving a doppelganger of Ji-yeon. When Jong-sook is killed on the fateful February 29th, Ji-yeon - with the help of two detectives - starts looking into matters herself. --IMDb
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