This Ain't The Munsters XXX (2008)

DVD Cover (Hustler Video)
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Connections: The Munsters

Herman and Lily are celebrating their wedding anniversary. He goes to pick up a little something for the celebration at the Mockingbird Heights morgue and asks Grandpa to attach it for him. Meanwhile Marilyn's long distance boyfriend Ted is coming to visit and Eddie, who is in a band, has been caught on a sex-tape with two groupies. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: October 27, 2008
With Halloween right around the corner, I thought that it would be appropriate to put together a couple of reviews to celebrate the holiday. Now, I didn't want to post just any old horror flick and call it a day - no, I wanted something that would really say "Happy Halloween, bastards!" The problem is that all of the good movies have already been added to this site; we all love Halloween and Night of the Demons, but since they're already available on here, they wouldn't exactly line up with what I was trying to do. Just when all seemed to be lost and I figured that I'd be doing some shitty Lions Gate flick to mark the occasion, this showed up: the XXX parody of The Munsters. It's not quite the aforementioned Halloween, but what sitcom family better represents Halloween than The Munsters? Now, not being a huge fan of the original series (I was always an Addams Family fanboy) but being a big proponent of sleaze and garbage, I figured that this would make a perfect introduction to the Halloween lineup of reviews. Thus, I present you with what we've all wanted to see but have always been too scared to ask for: Herman Munster busting a load all over Lili Munster's chops.

Now, this is a hardcore porn offering that focuses more on the porn than on the storytelling, but there is a story to be found here nonetheless. Naturally, it centers around The Munsters - Herman (Lee Stone), Lili (Roxi Devill), Marilyn (Shauna Lenne), Eddie (Trent Soluri), and lovable old Grandpa (Gavin Wells) - and their wacky adventures on 1313 Mockingbird Lane. We find out that Marilyn's long-distance boyfriend has just shown up in town (guess where that leads), we discover that Eddie - the guitarist for a popular rock band - has just had one of his sex tapes released to the public (again, guess which tape we get to watch), and most importantly, we learn that Herman and Lili's wedding anniversary is coming up.

This wedding anniversary is the biggest part of the storyline side of things, as Herman is wanting to make this special day one to remember for his dear wife. With the help of Grandpa's science skills and with a little black-market haggling, Herman soon finds himself the proud owner of a brand new penis, and in the grand finale, everyone's favorite monster takes his lovely wife out to the local cemetery and gives her the best "present" of her life. Throw in a few more random sex scenes (including one with Jenna Haze), and we have ourselves a movie.

I'm not going to get into the sex scenes too much, because really, I'm not the sort of reviewer who grades each and every last thrust found in these things. Some sites cater to that demographic, but this is not one of them. There's a grand total of five sex scenes (six if you count a solo masturbation scene), with one of said scenes being a three-way between Eddie and two ladies and the rest consisting of normal guy on girl action. Aside from that... well, they're sex scenes, I'm sure you all know what happens in them and whether or not you're interested in that type of material.

What I will say is that I was impressed with the makeup jobs and the sets used for the film. Now, you don't go into a porn flick with expectations of high production values, and while this one obviously didn't come with a million dollar budget, you can tell that a respectable amount of work went into the film. With the only exception being the actual facial features and Herman's height, each of the actors looked exactly as you remember them from the television show: Herman has the stitches and the Frankenstein outfit, Eddie has the widow's peak, and of course, Marilyn has that wholesome girl-next-door look going on. Herman's trademark foot-stomping laugh is there in all its glory, Grandpa's cockeyed science experiments are on full display, and the sets all look to have come straight out of the original television show. It might be porn, but they sure didn't skimp on the surrounding visuals.

With that said, the film will be a hit or miss depending on what you're looking for. The filmmakers were obviously aiming to cater more to the porn market than the fans of the original Munsters or parodies in general, so you're going to want to pass on this unless you're mainly in the mood for a porno flick with a modest side-order of comedy. I think that much goes without saying based on the general content, but there are some releases (such as yesterday's IronBabe) that work well even without the explicit material. This is not one of those films (unless you're a huge fan of The Munsters), but that's not to say that it's a bad movie in general as the storyline is completely acceptable by porn standards, the look of the characters and the sets are perfect representations of the source material, and yes, there are a few genuinely funny moments.

Overall, it's a fun little film, but keep in mind that it's a porno flick with characters that parody a television show, rather than a comedic parody that happens to have a little porn in it. I can't say that I was a huge fan of the overall product, but I can't rightfully give it a low rating for providing an abundance of sex scenes (it is a hardcore porn release, after all). So, bottom line: if you go into this solely wanting to see a Munsters parody and have a couple of laughs, you'll think that it's an average enough film. If, however, you want to see a bunch of hardcore sex scenes in addition to a Munsters parody, you'll love it. 9/10 as a general rating, 6/10 for my personal enjoyment.
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