Foxxy Madonna vs. The Black Death (2007)

DVD Cover (Cinephreak Pictures)
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Overall Rating 89%
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There is a dark sect in the fight against evil - an elite underground organization of unorthodox secret preacher agents who get down for a higher power! Foxxy Madonna is a butt-kicking, chain-smoking preacher chick with a small arsenal, a bad attitude, and a mysteriously powerful "crucifist." And she's gonna need em all as she's about to embark on her most dangerous mission yet! The notorious Black Death is about to unleash a virus of Biblical proportions upon the world. And it's up to the foxxiest of heroes to stop him. Whether it's preventing the plague to end humanity, burning a demoniacally possessed guy to death, or dueling fisticuffs with a chalkboard-wielding psychopath, Foxxy Madonna is up to the challenge! --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: June 23, 2007
What would you get if Foxy Brown were just a little bit lighter, fought vampires as well as criminals, had access to all sorts of high-tech gadgets, and belonged to an underground organization of "unorthodox secret preacher agents"? You'd probably get a little something like Foxxy Madonna, a throwback to the seventies action / exploitation fare that is done with a surprising amount of style and finesse.

The storyline for this short film finds Foxxy (Monica Barajas), a lady who is apparently one of the top dogs in this organization, being tasked with putting an end to the evil plans of the villainous Black Death (Jomar 'Dez' Banks), a man who has set out to unleash a virus upon the world which will rival the death toll of the black plague. This certainly won't be an easy task as Mr. Death has a pair of highly-trained henchmen (Phil Lechuga and David Barajas) at his side at all times, so Foxxy definitely has her work cut out for her.

That's about it for the storyline side of things, as the vast majority of the fifteen minute running time is spent on the final showdown between Foxxy and the villains. This isn't a bad thing, mind you; fifteen minutes isn't exactly a whole lot of time to develop a deep storyline with tons of character development and back-story, so giving us the bare essentials in that regard and then letting the characters do their thing was the best decision one could have made.

So, with that in mind, how was the action? It was actually a pretty damned impressive action sequence, packed with some visuals which were a notch above the usual indie fare. It wasn't flawless from start to finish, but with some polish and a little more time (more on that in a moment), these guys could do some seriously kick-ass work in the field of action flicks.

This film was made as a part of the 2006 National Film Challenge, and part of the criteria for this challenge was that the filmmakers had to incorporate various items into their script: a certain character, a certain prop, and a certain line of dialogue. Oh, and they had forty-eight hours to write, cast, shoot, and edit the film before turning it in. I actually wasn't aware of this little fact until I had already watched the film and I walked away from it highly impressed regardless. Now, knowing this, I definitely have to tip my hats to these guys for pulling it off and coming up with something extremely slick and entertaining in the process.

Fans of action flicks (especially of the seventies variety) should give it some attention whenever it becomes available. I'm not sure when it'll be up for sale, but keep an eye on the official sites of the producers (Cinephreak Pictures and Tao Films) as well as Cinephreak's MySpace profile for details. 7/10.
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