Jaws (1975)

DVD Cover (Universal 30th Anniversary Edition)
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Overall Rating 79%
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Connections: Jaws

An insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, The police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the bloodthirsty beast. --TMDb
Review by Chad
Added: March 26, 2004
We start out with a group of kids on the beach, who are having a little beach party thing. A chick decides to go for a swim, and is promptly eaten by good ol' Jaws in what is one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history. Martin is the sheriff of the town, and wants to have the beach shut down due to said shark... but the mayor will have none of that, since it's the fourth of July weekend and business is booming. A kid is soon eaten as well due to the beach being open. Quint comes in to the picture, and offers to kill the shark for $10,000. The mayor denies this at first, but later agrees to pay up. Quint, Chief Brody, and a ichthyologist (shark expert) go out on a boat to bag the big one.

Pretty nice movie, although it did drag in some spots. The running time is one hundred and thirty minutes, but it could have been cut down to ninety or so easily if some of the boring and / or run-on scenes had been cut out. Otherwise, the storyline was pretty straight-forward, and no other flaws were to be had.

The gore and kills were nicely done in most of the scenes, although there weren't too many seen... a grand total of three. The shark itself was nicely put together as well... but I may be a bit biased. It was put together by some engineers, and they asked some local army boys down south to help with the construction of the shark-robots frame. One of the people who helped put it together was my woman's step-brother, so that's a nice bit of worthless trivia for you kiddies reading this.

Overall, a pretty decent film, but I don't think it's worth the "classic" status it receives by so many. 6/10.
Bluesummers #1: Bluesummers - added 12/26/2004, 07:21 AM
I gots ta' disagree with people here, in some ways. Yes, there are portions of the movie I just couldn't sit through without twitching. However. This movie gave us so many cliches that are still followed today. Why? Because they worked so well! The mayor not closing the beaches, and all of that stuff. Not to mention what may be the most well-known piece of music ever made. Suspense is all over this schmeer, man. Funny enough, my favorite scene really doesn't involve the shark. It's when the three dudes are on the boat, discussing the scars they have...and Brody pulls up his shirt, the appendix scar showing. It just makes you think "he's in over his head." So...go little guy, kick some ass.
Chad #2: Chad - added 09/25/2007, 08:41 PM
I'd just like to go on record as saying that I disagree with my own review here - I guess I was in a bad mood or something when I wrote it. Someday, I'll watch it again and give it another review.
Nirrad #3: Nirrad - added 09/28/2007, 12:18 AM
Classic! This is my favorite movie, and always has been since I was a kid. I have numerous copies of this movie and I will continue to buy them whenever new ones are released.....35th anniversary anyone? This was the movie that started the whole summer blockbuster and was the number 1 grossing film of all time.....until Star Wars. This is the only movie that has me thinking twice of being somewhere. I cannot go into a Lake, River, Pond, Ocean or even a pool without thinking of jaws. I still have dreams of trying to get out of water because ol' Bruce is coming to get me. Rating: Best movie ever/10
Shakes #4: Shakes - added 02/21/2009, 12:38 AM
hmm...I think this is that one film I saw as a small child, which completely scared me away from the ocean for all my life. 10/10
Lucid Dreams #5: Lucid Dreams - added 06/15/2010, 02:04 PM
This was a great movie, but I never found it to be perfect for some reason. It was a good flick, but I never felt like watching it again. 8/10
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