Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996)

DVD Cover (Rogue Pictures)
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Mike Nelson and his robot crew Gypsy, Tom Servo and Crow orbit the earth in their spacecraft Satellite of Love. Life is pretty uneventful until deranged scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester contacts them and starts to control and torture them. His idea of torture: being forced to watch terrible movies. Today they will be watching This Island Earth, from 1955. --IMDb
Review by bluemeanie
Added: April 12, 2006
For over a decade, movie geeks everywhere were treated to one of the most unique and entertaining shows to ever grace a television channel, "Mystery Science Theatre 3000". Trapped on the Satellite of Love, a man and his robots were forced to watch the worst movies ever made, ranging from Raul Julia's "Overdrawn At the Memory Bank" to the amazingly dreadful "Santa Claus Vs. The Martians". In 1999, this television series was turned into a feature length motion picture that followed the exact same format as the show, only extended, with added gags and a more in-depth storyline. The film failed to connect with audiences other than the core supporters of the series. The poor success of the film eventually led to the cancellation of the series and the introduction of "MST3K" into the annals of classic American television history.

The film, however, is one of the most hilarious motion pictures ever made, as Mike, Crow, and Servo engage in their most challenging picture yet, "This Island Earth". The plot of the film they watch deals with Earth scientists being summoned to a distant planet to assist the aliens with keeping their planet alive and vital. Compared to the series, this film is a total advancement in terms of humor and pacing. The comments made by the three are as polished as ever, and this film features some of the worst acting (in the film they are watching) of any film they have ever assaulted. What's great about the film, and what was great about the series, is that you are just watching three hecklers give a really bad film as much verbal abuse as possible.

If you were a fan of the series, then you have certainly seen the film and do not need any more persuasion into seeing it again. If you were not a fan of the series, it is now available on DVD and you should certainly make an investment. Also, pick up the film for your collection, because it was far better than box office numbers would have shown. "Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie" is a must have for science fiction and comedy fans alike. Not to be missed! Nanu. 9.5/10.
Edd #1: Edd - added 04/14/2006, 01:32 AM
I agree, one of the greatest premises for a TV show/movie ever. Some of the greatest jokes ever too. The snappy remarks made in this movie are top notch, and I doubt anyone could ever duplicate the same delivery and formula. A perfect 10.
Tristan #2: Tristan - added 08/18/2007, 11:15 PM
I love watching the episodes of this, because it's exactly what my friends and I have done for years. It's almost more fun to watch awful movies for the purpose of trashing them then it is to seek out a decent one. Like my good friend Edd, I'm going with a perfect 10 for this movie.
Ginose #3: Ginose - added 09/23/2008, 02:54 AM
"I'm going to curl up in his sock-drawer and sleep for days..."
Beautifully funny movie. Captured all of the show's essence and then some. 9.9/10
Roybot #4: Roybot - added 08/06/2009, 12:00 AM
Love the TV show, love the movie 10/10.
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