Dirty Pool (1970)

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Overall Rating 44%
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A husband is being driven crazy by his insatiable wife. It seems that all the time she spends sunbathing has made her a nymphomaniac, and he is unable to keep her satisfied. A doctor sends over a pair of swingers to "counsel" the couple. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: March 7, 2006
In the second half of Retro-Seduction Cinema's "Buxom Bombshell" Collection, we find Uschi Digard as a housewife with an insatiable desire for sex. It seems as though the sunlight rejuvenates this desire each time she steps outside, and unfortunately for her husband, she likes to spend a good chunk of her time outside in or beside their pool. The problem here, for her husband at least, is that she wants sex all of the time. I'm not talking about a couple of times per day... no sir, she wants it constantly. Now, having sex with seventies-era Uschi Digard is a dream for many a fellow out there, but most guys would like to, you know, go to work in order to pay the bills, sleep every once in a while, get some food, those kinds of things. So, her darling husband decides to invite a swinger couple over with the hope of quenching her desire, if only temporarily. Another problem arises when the husband decides that perhaps sharing his wife isn't the best of ideas... but the other couple is already halfway to their house. Making matters worse is that he apparently forgot to inform his wife of these plans, so when they show up, well... guess what happens next?

This is a softcore title, no doubt about it; the grand majority of the time is spent showing the two couples (or various combinations of the four) cavorting around either beside Uschi's pool or on the side of the road. What makes things interesting is the way the story is told: not once throughout the whole movie do we hear the onscreen actors or actresses speak or make any sort of noise. The story is told through voice-overs by the people we're currently watching... for example, we'll watch Uschi and her husband have sex, and we'll hear what each of them is thinking while they go at it. These voice-overs are accompanied by some beatnik / psychedelic music that seems oddly appropriate for this title, and we even get the occasional poem read by the various people that deal with the scene at hand. It's definitely an interesting way to tell the story, to say the least.

The storyline is there to move things along and explain why we're watching these two couples go at it and exchange partners, but the real "meat" of the movie is the sex scenes. There's nothing here that would shock those of you who have watched a few Seduction Cinema titles or turned on Showtime during the evening, but by seventies softcore standards, it does go pretty far with what is shown. There's a few interesting, ahem, situations towards the end when everyone gets together in one spot, but the actual "action" of the film up until this point is pretty standard stuff. There's nothing to get excited about, but there's nothing to gripe about either. Besides, seeing Uschi Digard go at it should be enough of a reason to keep watching, right?

Overall, it's an interesting little film. I can see why it didn't get a DVD release of its own and was given second billing on the Buxom Bombshell Collection, but it's still worth watching after you've checked out the main attraction of the disc (Fancy Lady). 6/10.
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