H20: Hardcore Kingdom 4 (2020)

DVD Cover (Smart Mark Video)
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Connections: Wrestling: H20

1. Cataclysm of Barbwire - Stockade vs Jimmy Lyon vs Mason Martin vs Max The Impaler
2. Fans Bring The Weapons - Marc Angel vs Devon Moore vs "Lowlife" Louie Ramos vs Jeff King
3. Beware of Sharp Objects - Raven Havok vs Chuck Payne vs Eddy Only vs Kit Osbourne
4. Buckets of Brutality - Jimmy Lloyd vs Mouse vs Conor Claxton vs Drew Blood
5. Winners from each first round match advance to a 4 way Elimination Final. The Finals will be a Widow's Walk Scaffold, Lightube & Barbwire Ropes
6. 4 Way H20: HYBRID Championship Match - Danny Gallgher vs Steve Sanders vs Lucky 13 vs Frankie Pickard
7. Ron Mathis & Tyler Voxx vs Bam Sullivan & Aiden Baal
8. Jeff Cannonball & Mitch Vallen vs G.G Everson & Ryan Redfield --Facebook
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