Guinea Pig 5: Mermaid In The Manhole (1988)

DVD Cover (Devil Pictures)
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Overall Rating 58%
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Genres / Traits: Horror Sadistic Horror Mermaids

Connections: Guinea Pig

Unable to come to terms with the loss of his beloved and recently deceased wife, a grief-stricken artist returns to the sparkling river of his childhood memories--now a vile sewer--in search of inspiration. There, next to a drainage pipe, a generous surprise awaits him, as a trapped mermaid riddled with lumpy carcinomata and grotesque boils begs him, telepathically, to help her. Without delay--having already found the stimulus he was seeking--the compassionate painter brings the contaminated siren home to deal with her grave pathological condition; however, the malignant disease keeps getting worse, spreading all over her body. Now, through the aquatic being's anguish and her nauseous septic fluids, the widowed man can express himself on canvas, documenting the rampant and irrevocable decay. Is there beauty in pain? Can there be salvation in death? --IMDb
Review by Christopher
Added: January 30, 2005
Mr. Hayashi is a painter who just had his wife leave him a month ago. He has a secret place where he goes to get inspiration for his paintings, down a manhole and into a sewer. When he was younger a river use to flow through there. But it eventually dried up and was made into a sewer. While walking around in the sewer he discovers a cat of his that mysteriously vanished sometime ago. It was face down in the water. When he started drawing the cat, he saw splashes of water down the way. Upon investigating, he finds a mermaid. It seems as if he met her before when they were both younger. He decided that he has to paint her and brings him to his house.

Upon having a new bathtub delivered for the mermaid, his neighbors start to get suspicious. Yet they continue to keep to themselves since they really have nothing to go on. The mermaids stomach begins to ache as she craves fish. Hayashi brings her some and throws out the remains. The nosey neighbors start looking through his trash and find a giant fish head. Back with the mermaid, during the painting process, she begins to grow tumors all over her body. Once they get so massive, they begin squirting out pus. Seven different colors to be exact. She has him bring glasses into the room along with a razor. He begins to cut her as her pus squirts out into the glasses. He is to now paint her portrait with her colored pus.

Now with the tumors covering almost her entire body, worms start to crawl out of them. While Hayashi is taking them off of her body and ripping them out of her tumors, he stomach starts to act up. It eventually ends up tearing out and her intestines burst out. She seems to have died in the process and at this point, Hayashi has completely lost his mind. As he works on another painting, she starts puking up massive amounts of blood and an even larger amount of worms. She stays alive long enough for him to finish the painting. When it's complete, she makes him dismember her body. After an insanely gruesome dismemberment, he comes across something he didn't expect to find. The neighbors are also in line for a nice surprise.

With only one death in the whole film, it's quite a gruesome process the entire way through. Everything that had to do with the mermaid was beyond superb. The pus erupted from her tumors like miniature volcanos. It was quite a sight. All the puking she did was even better. Just the massive amount of worms that flew out of her mouth was something else. Using real worms put a nice touch on it too. When Hayashi dismembered her body, almost the entire room filled with red due to all of the blood. All the happenings to the mermaid were far enough to keep gore fans satisfied.

Its story wasn't to developed though, which was one of the downers. Hayashi had to paint the mermaid, that's it. No explaining how she got pregnant. Nothing about why his wife left him. A lot of open gaps that could have been easily filled without taking up much time. But the Guinea Pig series is obviously not counting on the story lines of the series to get viewers interested. Acting wise was pretty good. Had their been real mermaids in the world, the female playing the one in this film would have nailed it perfectly. Special effects were beyond excellent, as I mentioned. Another good film in the series.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
Symx #1: Symx - added 02/04/2005, 06:44 PM
Never seen any of these films before, dont plan to ever watch them.
Christopher #2: Christopher - added 02/05/2005, 01:09 PM
Good plan. That will make for one less downcast saying how worthless they are.
Ginose #3: Ginose - added 02/19/2007, 10:29 PM
In all honesty, I beleived this to be the weakest entry, no where near as graphic or as shocking as I hoped it would be. Still, this was extremely well made and probablly the most well-known of the series. 8.9/10
Cryptorchild #4: Cryptorchild - added 06/15/2008, 04:56 PM
This is my second favorite of the series coming in after He Never Dies. Cool story and I think (like the review stated) that the effects were great. I really enjoyed this one.
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