Martial Arts Classics (2005)

DVD Cover (Mill Creek)
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For the first time, the legends of martial arts are gathered in the ultimate DVD collection that will provide countless hours of adrenaline-filled action. --Official Site
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: September 23, 2012
Mill Creek has become the king of public domain movies. They've done well in getting us movie lovers to buy their different movie box sets by packaging them so the cost versus the amount of material your getting becomes irresistible. I've never been much of a fan of kung-fu movies, or martial arts films, but when Mill Creek decided to put out fifty martial arts films in a box set for fifteen dollars, it was impossible to resist. If I ended up liking even one movie on the set, the price would be worth it. Well, I found some that I liked, some that were so bad they were good, and some that were just embarrassingly bad all around. But needless to say, I have enough martial arts films in my collection now to last me quite some time. So let's take a look at each film in this fifty pack and see what there is for you to enjoy.

Note: All films in this set are in color, so I won't be putting that in the individual synopsis.

1.Kung Fu Arts-A loyal follower of the Emperor, who is engaged to his daughter, overhears a plot to assassinate him by the Emperor's aide. The aide wishes to make himself Emperor once he's disposed of the royal family but the soon to be son-in-law foils the assassination attempt. Unfortunately, the evil aide frames the young man for the assassination attempt and it forces him to escape from the palace and go into hiding. While in hiding, the loyal follower practices his martial arts in the hopes of returning one day to clear his name and marry his princess. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy and A Little Dark)

2.Shaolin Deadly Kicks-A gang of thieves break into the home of an aristocrat, murder the family and staff and steal a treasure map. With the authorities on their trail, the gang decides to go into hiding until it is safe to return. Not trusting only one man to keep the map, they divide it into 8 pieces, one for each member, for safekeeping. Three years pass and a police officer working on the case will stop at nothing to retrieve the map pieces and bring the gang to justice. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy)

3.Black Cobra-Detective Robert Malone (Fred Williamson) is a tough member of the NYPD who seems to make his own rules. When a beautiful photographer witnesses a murder committed by the leader of the vicious Black Cobra biker's gang, it's up to Malone to protect her. The gang throws everything they've got at Malone in order to eliminate the eyewitness, but he looks to take the battle to them. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair (Muffled), Video:Fair (A Little Dark and Soft)

4.Black Cobra 3-Detective Robert Malone (Fred Williamson) is a tough cop that trouble always seems to find. A group of high-tech international criminals are wreaking havoc upon the world and there seems to be no way of stopping them. Interpol is looking for someone to stop this tide of terror and think that Detective Malone is the man for the job. (Fullscreen (But The Top Of The Screen Has A Crop?!?), Audio:Fair, Video:Poor (Soft and Washed Out)

5.Chase Step By Step-A box of gold intended for drought relief in a far province is being transported through dangerous territory by a man and woman with remarkable martial arts skills. Word of the shipment gets out to all sorts of nefarious characters, who intend on stopping the shipment and taking the gold for themselves. As each group attempts to take the gold, the amazing duo fights them off. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Dark and Scratchy)

6.Deadly Duo-A prince of the Sung Dynasty has been taken prisoner by Ching invaders and is being held in an impenetrable fortress by elite men of the Ching. A group of fighters loyal to the Sung set out on a treacherous journey to the fortress in order to free the prince. A mysterious stranger is recruited to accompany the fighters to help them gain access to the fortress. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Soft)

7.Ninja Champion-A woman is savagely attacked by three men while on a camping trip and she seeks revenge for the assault. Finding out the men were diamond smugglers, the woman goes undercover as a dealer of stolen goods in order to track her attackers down. Seeking some assistance in her search, she enlists the help of her ex-husband, an Interpol agent, to help on the case. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Soft)

8.Spirits Of Bruce Lee-Two brothers own a jade importing business and when one brother disappears on a buying trip to Thailand, the other sets out to find him. When he arrives in the village his brother was last near, he helps a stranger defeat a band of thugs harassing the locals. Deciding to partner up to find the missing man, the brother and the stranger soon discover the missing brother was killed by a local gangster so the two men decide to seek revenge. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Dark Print, Soft)

9.City Ninja-During World War II, a valuable pendant is taken into hiding to protect it from those who would use it for evil. Years later, men are still trying to retrieve the pendant, now separated into two parts for safekeeping, and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. A young tournament fighter who is traveling to a big event unwittingly becomes involved in the recovery of the mysterious pendant. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

10.The Four Shaolin Challenges-A local neighborhood and market are overrun by a gang of Triads who extort protection money from the local merchants and control the police. A young man comes to the town and opens a martial arts training gym in the hopes of helping the local youth and community. The teacher and his students end up battling the Triads over the control of the town. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy)

11.The Brave Lion-During Japan's invasion of China in World War II, two disgraced Japanese soldiers are given a second chance. Facing execution for various infractions, the two men are offered a reprieve if they take a special assignment. Since they can speak Chinese and know the territory, the men are assigned to the task of running a Chinese labor camp the Japanese operate in occupied territory. After the men take over, they work the prisoner's so hard the labor force rises up in revolt of their treatment. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Soft)

12.The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane-With invaders overrunning the land, the defeated Ming Emperor decides to commit suicide to prevent his capture. Also hoping to spare his daughter, he attempts to kill her but only causes her to lose an arm before she escapes the palace prior to the invader's arrival. Now in hiding with the aid of a female loyalist warrior, the two are aided by a young handsome hero who hopes to help the princess defeat the leader of the invaders and return her family to power. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Soft)

13.Black Fist-A young man makes a living on the streets of Los Angeles as a street fighter and works for a local mob boss. Dealing with crooked cops, winos and small-time hoods, Leroy seems to break free of this lifestyle after getting a big payday from a fight and buying his own club. When mob retribution brings tragedy to his family, Leroy decides to stop at nothing to get revenge upon those responsible. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Soft)

14.The Head Hunter-The jungle warfare in Vietnam created Hong Kong's deadliest hit man. Hong Kong's top action star, Chow Yun Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Replacement Killers), teams with famed action director John Soa Liuto to create a chilling portrayal of a deadly hit man whose techniques of execution are as unorthodox as they are gruesome. Don't get in the way of this revenge minded killer who's totally out of control. (Widescreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Poor (Dark Print)

15.The Black Godfather-J.J. (Rod Perry) started on the streets as a numbers runner and has worked his way up in the local crime scene. He is on the verge of running all of the action in the inner city except for the Mafia's hold on the urban heroin trade. Hoping to break the mob's hold on the drug trade in his neighborhood, J.J. and his gang decide to have an all-out war against the Mafia using their guns as well as their martial arts skills in the battle.(Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

16.T.N.T. Jackson-Diana Jackson (Jeanne Bell) is a young African-American woman who grows concerned when her brother turns up missing in Hong Kong, fearing he may have crossed the wrong people. Flying over to Hong Kong to find out what has happened to her brother, she is horrified to learn her was murdered by some drug dealers. Swearing to track down those responsible for his death, Jackson decides to pose as a prostitute in order to infiltrate the Mob, giving her the opportunity for using her martial arts skills to avenge her brother. (Also Found In The Drive-In Classics 50 Movie Pack).(Fullscreen-Audio:Fair(Muffled), Video:Fair)

17.The Street Fighter-A wealthy businessman dies leaving his daughter a fortune worth billions of dollars and everyone wants to get their hands on the money. The Yakuza and the Mafia decide to work together to secure the money by hiring a top-notch mercenary to kidnap the heiress so they can ransom her for the money. When the two criminal organizations refuse to pay the fee he's asking and decide to kill him to keep him quiet about their plans, the martial arts master mercenary decides to switch sides and offer his services to the heiress and protect her from those who betrayed him. (Widescreen-Audio:Great, Video:Great)

18.Return Of The Street Fighter-Sonny Chiba reprises his role as the deadly martial arts mercenary Takuma Tsurugi in this feature where he must once again battle against the Yakuza because of a deal gone wrong. Tsurugi is hired to kill an old friend and, when he refuses to do the job, becomes the target of a number of hit attempts upon his own life. Not only must he protect his friend and himself from the Yakuza but he must contend with the return of his oldest and most deadly enemy who is out to settle the score with him once and for all. (Widescreen-Audio:Great, Video:Great)

19.Fighting Mad-A Vietnam soldier and his cohorts steal a gold shipment while stationed in the Philippines and while trying to take off with the gold via boat, the two friends turn on the soldier, slit his throat and dump him overboard. Washed ashore on an uncharted island, the man is rescued by some Japanese soldiers, who have been hiding on the island since World War II, nurse him back to health and teach him the ways of the samurai. After he has healed and has been trained, the man leaves the island and heads back to Los Angeles, to find his family and get revenge on those who betrayed him. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

20.Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon-Golden City, capital of wondrous Phoenix Island, is attacked by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally and conquered, with the Emperor and his three generals killed by the invaders. The young princess and the three children of the generals are hidden away from the invaders with the hopes that they one day will return to avenge the deaths of their fathers and reclaim the island paradise. Almost twenty years pass and the grown children do finally return to confront the despot and the sorcerer but, will they be successful? (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

21.Image Of Bruce Lee-Bruce Li is Inspector Wang, an undercover police officer working on a case to break open a stolen jewel and money-laundering ring. When a man commits suicide over a missing million dollar diamond shipment, it sets Inspector Wang on a trail of counterfeiters making phony US bills, hoping to flood the international money market with the money. Working hard on the case, Inspector Wang must fight his way through the organization until he can finally confront the head of the organization. (Widescreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

22.Day Of The Panther-John Blade (Edward John Stazak) is an undercover agent on assignment in Australia trying to track down a drug lord. It seems that Blade's partner was killed by the right-hand man of the criminal organization, on orders from the leader himself. Looking for justice and revenge, Blade will have to use all of the martial arts training he received from the Panther Clan of China in order to get to the leader and his deadly henchman. (Also Found In The Drive-In Classics 50 Movie Pack). (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair (Faded)

23.The Guy From Harlem-Al Connors (Loye Hawkins) is an African-American private investigator working the mean streets of Harlem, hoping to make a difference in his crime-ridden community. Working on a case involving some drug dealers, Connors must travel to Miami to locate the drug lord named Big Daddy. Battling his way through the different layers of the criminal organization, Connors hopes to bring down Big Daddy and his organization in order to clean up the streets of Harlem. (Also Found In The Drive-In Classics 50 Movie Pack).(Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

24.Karate Kids U.S.A.-Two young boys, both training hard at a karate studio, take time off to travel with their grandfather in his RV. What was supposed to be a camping and fishing trip turns into an adventure when they come across a rich family in danger from some hillbillies. It seems the hillbillies have taken a liking to the rich family's fancy RV and have kidnapped the daughter to gain access to it, so our young martial artists must rescue the girl and put a stop to the hillbillies' plans. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Faded)

25.Jive Turkey-It's a turf battle over the mean streets of Harlem between Italian mobsters and the black hoodlums living in the neighborhood. The fighting becomes intense, as each side tries to push the other out, with both groups bringing in their best hit men. Watch for a brutal transvestite mobster who kills with their high-heeled shoes and Frank DeKova from TV's F-Troop as the leader of the Italian mob. (Also Found In The Drive-In Classics 50 Movie Pack). (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

26.Breakout From Oppression-A young woman is released from prison, after serving an eight-year sentence for murder, and wishes to start her life over. Getting a job at a newspaper through a friend, she tries to settle in despite the pressures of being an ex-convict. When bizarre incidents begin to occur both at work and at home, the woman suspects that someone has a vendetta against her. (Also Found In The Drive-In Classics 50 Movie Pack). (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Zoomed In)

27.Ninja Empire-A modeling school has become the recruitment center for a prostitution ring led by local crime boss Tiger (Joseph Hor). When Pam, one of the former models turned prostitutes escape and attempts to send evidence to some reliable friends, she is caught by Decker (Marcus Egan), a local hood who works for Teddy (Mike Abbott), an international ninja expert who has been leading the crime in the area with Tiger. However, Pam's sister Bonnie (Maria Wu) is already investigating the school while Bonnie's partner, Brad (Marco Ritchie) was preparing for vacation and decides to help instead. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Faded)

28.The Real Bruce Lee-The film features long lost footage of Bruce Lee's early film career discovered in a Hong Kong film archive, including the only film where Bruce Lee and his father starred together. This footage shows Lee acting at the early age of 6 years old as well as into his early teens. Also featured is footage from a film featuring some amazing martial arts performances by Bruce Lee, Bruce Li and introducing Dragon Lee. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

29.Hands Of Death-A gang has been smuggling high amounts of opium throughout the world and the authorities have lost their undercover agent who was spying on the inside. A top-notch agent and an impressive rookie agent are assigned the case with the challenge of bringing the gang's operations to an end as well as bringing the deceased agent's killers to justice. Our two agents must learn to work together while they track gang's activities, trying to develop a trust in their partner while facing possible danger at every turn. (Widescreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

30.Shadow Ninja-A wily veteran of the police force knows the tough streets and its people but has a problem at home with a wife who has a gambling problem. This grizzled cop works both sides of the law, shaking down his informants for information as well as money. The last thing this old cop expected was to get partnered up with an eager young cop but, at the insistence of his supervisor, he is told to take the young man under his wing and teach him the ropes since he is the supervisor's nephew. Through their various travels throughout their beat, the two end up working well together, especially due to the expert martial arts skills of the young cop. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair(Faded)

31.Four Robbers-A daring daylight jewelry store robbery pulled off by four masked bandits starts off this high-action feature. After escaping with the stolen gold, the bandits run afoul of some major criminals while fencing the loot and end up not only with the money but also $10 Million in drugs. Looking for an even bigger score with the drugs, the four thieves end up not only being wanted by the police for the robbery but being hunted down by the mob for the stolen drug shipment. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

32.Infernal Street-In a Chinese village, a local medical clinic has seen a sudden increase in opium addicts ever since a Japanese nightclub opened in the area. While the authorities seem powerless to stop the opium smuggling and distribution, the local clinic tries to deal with the problem but gets targeted by the Japanese gangsters. One of the young doctors, an expert in the martial arts, decides to take on the drug smugglers, sellers and those who support the activity. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

33.Weapons Of Death-There's trouble brewing in San Francisco when an Asian gang combines forces with American thugs to kidnap a girl as part of their master plan to take over Chinatown. It's up to a martial arts studio master and his friend to battle these criminals by rescuing his kidnapped sister and making them pay for their crimes. There's plenty of action for everyone when our heroes fight their way through thugs and martial artists alike to save the kidnapped girl. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

34.The Big Fight-During the Second World War, the Japanese occupied much of China and used the local people as forced labor or for their various pleasures. In one particular province, the Japanese were especially cruel to the Chinese who could not or would not leave their homes. Some of the locals formed a resistance front that worked behind the scenes to harass the Japanese occupiers. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy)

35.Ninja Death 2-In this feature, we see the continuing adventures of Tiger and "Master" as they battle the evil forces of The Grand Master. "Master" has been training Tiger long and hard for the fight against the invaders from Japan and has finally revealed the secrets behind his origin and the ties to the Grand Master. Armed with this knowledge and his new-found skills, Tiger must set out to defeat the forces of The Grand Master once and for all. This is the second in a series of films that has won critical acclaim for its innovative action sequences. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

36.Ninja Death 3-With this film, you reach the finale of the adventures of Tiger and his battles against the Grand Master and his evil forces. In this action-packed conclusion to the story, Tiger has carried on despite the loss of "Master", his trainer and mentor, and has continued his preparations with associates of "Master". Tiger has also found an ally in the sister of one of the Grand Master's associates. Everyone is heading toward a climactic battle between Tiger and his allies and the Grand Master and his associates, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you in suspense. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

37.Ninja Death 1-Tiger works as a bouncer/greeter at a local Chinese brothel but his real job is as a martial arts expert trained under the watchful eye of "Master". Tiger and "Master" are in for some serious trouble when the Grand Master and his band of evil ninjas arrive from Japan to take over the territory. It will take all of Tiger's skills to defeat the Grand Master and his allies. This in the first in a series of films that has won critical acclaim for its innovative action sequences. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

38.Tiger Love-A young couple in love is running away from her father, who is forcing her to marry her cousin, when they are confronted by the father and his henchmen. The suitor fights valiantly against the henchmen but is overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Thinking that her father had killed him, the young woman, pregnant with her suitor's child, jumps off of a cliff to kill herself, but survives the fall and is taken in by a guardian tiger. Living with the tiger and raising her son, the woman sees her young son grow into manhood and he eventually decides to head back to his mother's village to find out what happened to his father and his grandfather. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

39.The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu-Two young rebels with unrivaled martial arts skills fight evil and corrupt local officials as well as rescue beautiful girls from bandits and thugs. Their skills are put to the test when the Dragon Gang tries to take over the territory and they are asked to stop them. With the aid of a coffin maker's daughter, the two young men battle their way through the gang until they are faced with their greatest opponent, an unstoppable giant zombie warrior. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

40.Kung Fu Kids Break Away-While traveling the countryside seeking his mother, San Mao hooks up with two other street urchins on the tough streets of Chu Chia Town, and they decide to make a living as Kung Fu street performers. When they con the wrong man, they are pursued by the thugs of the local town official until the kids are rescued by a mysterious stranger. The stranger has come to town to drive out the corrupt official and San Mao and his friends are more than happy and ready to help. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Dark and Scratchy Print)

41.The Impossible Kid-Agent 00 (Weng-Weng) is an agent long on skills in spite of being short on size. Agent 00 is assigned a case involving a group of international terrorists who are trying to get away with a fortune in ransom money. To stop them, Agent 00 and his partners must uncover the identity of the criminal mastermind behind this fiendish plot. With an assignment full of action and danger, our diminutive agent will be pressed to use all of his abilities if he's going to foil these criminals' plans and save the day. (Fullscreen-Audio:Good, Video:Fair)

42.Ninja Heat-A man is finally released from prison after serving time for a jewelry heist and the murder of a guard, crimes that he did not commit. While in prison, the man's brother has been investigating the case to find the real culprits and presents his findings to him upon his release. The two brothers swear to bring the criminals to justice and set out to do so; in spite of the fact the criminals are now rich and powerful men, very influential in the community. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Dark and Scratchy Print)

43.Black Cobra 2-Fred Williamson returns as Detective Robert Malone, a tough cop who's not shy to bend the rules to catch the criminals. After a particular assignment where Malone gunned down a criminal, the force puts him on leave and he heads to the Philippines for a vacation. While there, Malone crosses paths with a gang of terrorists and spies, so he partners up with another man in order to free some hostages and bring down the bad guys. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

44.Shaolin Temple-The emperor is betrayed by one of his most trusted aides, the general of all his armies, who attacks the royal palace with his forces in order to establish himself as the new emperor. The emperor is slain during the attack and his wife and daughter commit suicide to prevent them from falling in the hands of the traitorous general. Escaping from the palace is the prince and a loyal general who head to a Shaolin temple for safety and a cure for the poison dart the prince was struck with. Once at the temple, the prince must recover from his injury as well as train with the temple's monks in order to gain the skills needed to go back and defeat the evil general. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy Print)

45.Ninja:The Protector-An international ring of counterfeiters is spreading their phony currency throughout the world's money markets. A special police investigation unit is formed to track down the gang responsible for the counterfeiting scheme. Unfortunately, the gang is also a highly-trained group of ninjas that will require the skills of agent Gordon Anderson, a top ninja in his own right, to combat these criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their plans alive. (Widescreen-Audio:Fair, Video-Poor (Faded and Dirty Print)

46.Heroes Of Shaolin Part 1-A man returns to battle another man over a matter of honor, after the two had fought many years before, and he defeats his opponent. The defeated man, to uphold his honor, commits suicide but, before he dies he makes the victorious man promise to track down a traitor and make him pay for his crimes. The man agrees and, before he leaves, he fends off the defeated man's young son, who had witnessed the fight, and offers him the chance to train to get his revenge for his father's death. The young man agrees to the offer and the two then set out to track down the traitor. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy)

47.Heroes Of Shaolin Part 2-The story continues with our pair of travelers, the master and his former opponent's son, on the trail of a traitor the master promised to track down and punish. While on the road, the master has been training the young man in martial arts so he can one day seek his revenge for his father's death, at the hands of his master. The two eventually find the traitor but, before they can fight him, they are forced to battle the traitor's grandchildren, where the master becomes injured during the fight. Will the young man take the opportunity to get his revenge now that his master his injured or will he fight the traitor, who has never known defeat? (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Scratchy)

48.The Snake Fist Dynamo-A bumbling martial arts teacher has the skills but lacks the confidence to use them. Run out of town by some ne'er-do-wells, he sets out on some comic adventures as he travels the countryside. Taking up some companions that are as bumbling as he is, the group seems to stumble into one misadventure after another. Will our hearty band eventually prove their worth with their skills and bring their enemies to justice? (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair (Muffled), Video:Fair)

49.The Master:Max-Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten) meets John Peter McAllister (Lee Van Cleef), a Korean War veteran who remained in Japan after the war, eventually joining and training in a ninja sect. McAllister is searching for his daughter, whom he hadn't known existed, and the two set out together with Keller helping in the search in exchange for McAllister training him in the ways of the ninja. Following McAllister from Japan is his former student who has been assigned the task of killing his former teacher for leaving the ninja sect. While traveling the country, Keller and McAllister aid a father and daughter who own an airfield that a greedy land developer want to get his hands on. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair (Dark Print)

50-The Master:Out Of Time Step-John Peter McAllister (Lee Van Cleef) and Max Keller (Timothy Van Patten) are traveling together across the country searching for McAllister's missing daughter. McAllister has been living in Japan since the end of the Korean War training as a ninja, but now has left the sect to find his daughter, even though his prize pupil is out to kill him for leaving Japan. Keller is helping his new-found friend with his search in exchange for being trained in the ways of the ninja. During their search, McAllister and Keller come to the aid of a nightclub owner and his daughter who have run afoul of the Asian mobsters that wants to take over the club. (Fullscreen-Audio:Fair, Video:Fair)

And there is another fifty films from Mill Creek Entertainment to feast on. This set had definite good and bad points for me. On the good side, even though a lot of the films audio and video were "fair", there was not one movie that was so bad that I could not watch it, unlike several of the other sets. The gripe may be a personal one, but it got under my skin that a couple of the trilogies were on separate discs, or were out of order (i.e. part two, three, and then one). Like I said, maybe it's a personal thing, but all the prints are right there, put them in the right order! Anyway, as I said in the beginning, this will satisfy my martial arts cravings for some time to come, and people should pick this up for some fun, action and unintentional laughs. 6/10.
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