Zorg And Andy (2009)

DVD Cover (Northanger Productions)
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Overall Rating 76%
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Perpetual undergraduate Andy has one last chance to keep his financial aid: a work-study job at the mysterious Kungsbaden Museum. After a beautiful stranger steals an ancient fertility idol in his care, Andy sets out into the night to recover it. In the process, he discovers that his idyllic campus is home to a network of bloodthirsty pagan cults, all of whom are fighting over the idol. --IMDb
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Review by Griffinheart
Added: October 21, 2009
Some movies really make you reflect on important issues like life and love. This move makes you wonder what just happened.

The movie starts with the discovery of a strange statue being dug up on an archaeological dig. Everyone is sure that this is a major find, but, before too many questions can be asked, it's diverted to a small time museum through the use of mind altering drugs (delivered via shoe syringe) and suggestion. It's then placed in the care of the too-incompetent-to-graduate student (the titular Andy) who just started twenty minutes before. The statue is then quickly stolen by a cult intent on worshiping the idol but is quickly restolen by second cult. And there's a guy in a creepy as hell pig mask. Yeah, he's there too.

Zorg and Andy was a strange movie in that almost every decision made by any of the characters was questionable; no one ever went with the most logical option. Why drug the archaeologist and convince him to mail the statue to a museum from where you will later steal the statue? Why not steal the statue in the first place? Later in the movie, after being robbed and knocked unconscious several times, Andy hears a knock at his door and proceeds to take the recently reclaimed statue with him as he goes outside to check who's knocking. He doesn't ask who's there or try to peek out a window; he just takes the valuable artifact straight outside so someone can knock him out again and steal it. Most other characters (and plot points) act about as sanely.

The acting was decent enough, but none of the individuals really blew me away (save for the Pig, but he didn't have to act at all due to the giant mask). The two main characters, Andy and his supervisor Jen, seemed to have trouble expressing a full range of emotion. Jen tended to be overly frantic while Andy never got too excited or concerned even when he was close to dying. Granted, I'm fairly certain this was the first film for most of the actors, but better casting could definitely have kicked it up a notch.

The sound was excellent with even the background music being well done and properly enhancing scenes. The "soundtrack music" was what really stood out, though. Several (probably local) bands were used, and all put in great performances. I'd recommend looking into the works of Kevin MacLeod, Twizzle, Coconut Monkeyrocket, and Otis Fodder.

Overall the movie was decent enough, and I can see myself possibly watching it again if I'm in the right mood. It did have its humorous parts and a tiny amount of suspense, but horror fans should stay away as there was no gore to speak of (and, despite what the back cover says, I don't remember zombies at all).

I'd give this movie a 6.5/10.
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