Death Toilet (2018)

DVD Cover (Sub Rosa Studios)
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Overall Rating 45%
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Connections: Death Toilet

When Brett Baxter comes home from Vietnam, his time to decompress is cut short. His brother has died mysteriously and Brett has nobly taken on the arduous task of settling his affairs. As Brett begins doing this, he hears noises coming from various areas of the house. They all seem to emanate from the toilet. The more that Brett listens, the more that it seems like the toilet may have had a hand in Brother Baxter's demise. As he tries to sell his brother's home, Brett can't shake the thought that there's something amiss with the toilet. Filled with fevered dreams of flushing blood and harrowing memories of his time in Vietnam, Brett is nearly driven to his breaking point by this porcelain demon. With nobody taking Brett's claims seriously, he enlists the help of Father Dingleberry to cast out the evil spirits in his caustic commode. What ensues is some of the most harrowing and brutal scenes of an exorcism ever committed to film. --IMDb
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